Adopting a pet has always been an easy task as you do some paperwork and pay money for it. But taking care of that pet is more difficult than adopting it. Proper hygiene, feeding and taking care always determine your relationship with your pet and his behaviour towards you. As a result, cautious people usually look for a deserved Pet Grooming Kit, but before Dyson, no one offered such a product.

If you don’t know, Dyson is a Singapore-based company that designs household appliances like Vaccum Cleaners, air purifiers, hand dryers, etc. Vacuum cleaners are mostly sold based on powerful suction, less noise and removing allergen particles. After learning from them, they released a pet grooming kit for Rs.9,900. To determine its worthiness, let’s have a quick look at it.

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit Review: Pet Pampering Made Easy!

It is obvious that whenever a company introduces a product, its competitors follow suit. But if your product has a core competency, no one will be able to duplicate your product in terms of quality. Like here, the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit costs Rs. There is a price tag of 9,900, but if it provides quality, then anyone can afford it. Similarly, if any company sells the same category product but at a low price and does not have quality, then it is a waste.

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit Review: Pet Pampering Made Easy!

Since Dyson is a dominant vacuum cleaner company, its products have advanced features and technology. This makes Dyson the best vacuum cleaner on the market. As an example, there are almost 12 Million vacuum cleaner units sold in the UK alone. The same technology is used in Dyson’s Pet Grooming Kit as well. This is not a one-line summary of the best grooming kit. Here are a few insights that make Dyson Pet Grooming Kit unique.

Design and features

The most important aspect of a pet grooming kit is its design and features. The Dyson Pet Grooming kit is a three-piece gadget comprised of a Slicer brush with self-cleaning bristles, a flexible extension hose and quick release attachment. The design is such that it easily whisks away loose hair, pet dander and skin flakes. To be specific, this grooming kit is dedicated to dogs with medium or long hair. Note that you cannot use it on pups or any other pet that finds vacuuming disturbing.

Apart from design, the Dyson Pet Grooming kit has 364 Slicer bristles that are angled at a 35° Upright position. This is to whisk all loose hair out of the deep fur. Also, it has a single click to pull out all loose hairs. Second, the attachment hose for the Dyson Cordless Vacuum can extend up to 100cm for grooming. And the last thing, this pet grooming kit offers a tight grip for better control of the brush.

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If we consider the different tools in this grooming kit, we will find angled bristles that wipe out loose hair. Further, the powerful vacuum removes those hairs and makes the pet hygienic. Only this hygiene point attracts pet owners to Dyson kits. Apart from bristles, the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit can suck loose hair even from hidden areas. Meanwhile, suction and finding loose hairs are important. This kit is worth it because of its angled bristles and compatible powerful vacuum cleaners.

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit Review: Pet Pampering Made Easy!

The kit also has a noisy vacuum cleaner that disturbs the pet. Hence, if your pet is sensitive to that vacuum cleaner’s sound, it won’t be a good choice. Pet owners can easily brush and vacuum up loose hair with the Dyson pet grooming kit because of its air intake and exhaust. Ultimately, it eases the pet owner to clear up loose fur without making any mess.

Anti-allergen filtration 

A grooming kit offers pet dander and skin flakes, but previously there was no such product. Some are included in the picture, but with a lot of mess. Therefore, Dyson Pet Grooming Kit is useful since it identifies pet dander, microscopic skin flakes, and other allergens within the vacuum cleaner. A 35° metal brustle assists in in-depth tracing and leaves no space for loose hairs or allergens.

How does the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit compare to other Pet Groomers?

As a result of reading the basic introduction to the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit, you will gain a better understanding of its design and features. Is there a comparison between this kit and others? To clear up that confusion, here’s what we’ll do. Currently, this kit has no comparisons. The kit is already a well-established brand product. Also, it provides core performance and hygiene. 

Apart from that, there are a few things that make it unbeatable like it is easy to store and carry. Therefore, grooming does not require a separate tool. Additionally, it has an easy-to-connect attachment so you can connect any Dyson vacuum cleaner Comparing this kit to professional kits, the price is also decent. Meanwhile, it is worth the deal but note that you need a Dyson vacuum cleaner at your home.

Final Verdict

Dog grooming at home was previously a joke, especially when your dog’s fur was long and loose. But Dyson vacuum cleaners and twisted bristles have made it possible to groom dogs at home. However, according to the price which is Rs.9,900, it looks quite hefty. However, it’s all worth it when we look for other alternative quality and professional dog groomers per session charges. But one thing is that they should improve the sound of the vacuum cleaner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Dyson accessory is best for dog hair?

Ans. Dyson V15 is the best one that came up with a High Torque Cleaner in-built anti-allergen. 

Q2. What should you not use Dyson for?

Ans. As a precaution, do not vacuum up any fine white powder with your Dyson Vacuum.

Q3. Which Dyson attachment is for frizzy hair?

Ans. The Small firm smoothing brush is designed to create a smoother style with less frizz for short hairs.

Q4. Is Dyson good for daily use?

Ans. Being lightweight and versatile, you can use it for daily purposes.