Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has one of the best cameras among its smartphones, but surely not among the best of its competitors. Some of Galaxy S23’s competitors are Huawei, Google, Honor, and Apple. Before going further, if you don’t know what DxoMark is, then for a quick reference, DxoMark does camera testing scientifically about the Camera, Lens, Speaker, and Smartphone as well and based on it, it gives ratings based on rigorous testing.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S23, DxoMark rated it 140 out of 149. This smartphone camera isn’t bad, either. It’s pretty good and ranked 10th in Global Ranking and 10th in the Ultra-premium smartphone ranking. While other smartphones might cost less or be similar but have better cameras. Since this smartphone is not less expensive either.

However, the device has one of the best camera hardware across the board and a good camera compared to its competitors. So let’s see why Galaxy S23 Ultra cannot surpass the iPhone significantly. Great! Let’s first talk about the good things about this smartphone. Not to mention that the camera preference of the smartphone could vary based on personal preferences.

What’s Good in Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

It’s pretty good with the photo rendering, having good autofocus for both Photos and Video recording, and the highlighting point of the device is having strong telephoto capabilities, 100x zoom to be precise.

What’s Bad in Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

There isn’t much new. The device sometimes faces the loss of image details and has a shutter lag during low-light photography conditions. Meanwhile, sometimes it also has instabilities with focus and exposure in backlit scenes.

Galaxy S23 Ultra matches the Pixel 7 and Vivo X90 Pro+.

As we have said, Galaxy S23 Ultra is fine-tuned with the new sensor, while the competitors have been using the same sensor for years and have taken a long way to optimize their camera module with the software. New devices like the Google Pixel 7 and the Vivo X90 Pro+ with the new sensor have similar optimization to Galaxy S23 Ultra. The device also gets attention from the Asus Zenfone 7 Pro, with a similar ranking.

Better Camera than Galaxy S23 Ultra

So if you have the priority for Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Huawei Mate 50, Google Pixel 7 Pro, Honor Magic 4 Ultimate, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Huawei P50 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra are the better alternatives to Galaxy S23 if you are looking for the device with best camera capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S23 has some decent features, and the device has been tested with the default settings enabled. If you want to use the best of it, you need to change the settings, and then it could beat some of its competitors the other devices.