Sony’s PlayStation already has a dual-sense controller that offers much more than expected. Even with that output, Sony announced a new lineup (successor) over the same dual sense controller. Considerably, this new controller could be the best controller for your PS5. It has several new add-ons, such as custom controls and more.

Unlike the previous dual sense controller, this new controller has more advanced customizations, including Mappable back buttons, changeable stick caps, etc. During the announcement, Sony mentioned a lot of highlights for this PlayStation accessory. For this reason, we will discuss the Dual Sense Edge Controller and expected details below.

Sony Announced Dual Sense Edge Controller Features & Release Date

At Gamescom 2022’s Opening Night Live, Sony took charge. It publicly announced a new add-on to its existing dual sense controller. If you are a core Sony fan, you know about their previous controller accessibilities. You understand that a Dual sense controller has numerous customization and other benefits.

Moreover, Concerning getting more advanced now, Sony announced a new version of the same series called Dual Sense Edge Controller. And, as it has a titled edge version of dual sense controller, it has something more advanced. And that’s true as Sony dual sense edge has many advanced features given as –

  • Wireless Controller
  • Remappable buttons
  • Tunable triggers and sticks
  • Changeable stick caps and back buttons
  • USB braided cable with the lockable connector housing
  • Personalized control profiles

Apart from that, the design of the new dual sense edge controller is somewhat similar to the previous dual sense controller. The gripping feel for the new dual sense controller version is much the same as the previous one. More likely, the dual sense controller upgraded itself in terms of features.

However, Sony does not unveil the release date and pricing for the new dual sense controller edge. Still, we can expect that if the dual sense controller deals at $69.00. So, the all-new dual sense edge controller surely uplifts up to $160. And, if we look over its release date, it may expect to arrive somewhere in 2023.