PUBG Mobile has officially released its BETA, which you can use to test some upcoming improvements and optimization of the game. Sometimes, players also spotted some new mechanism and feature which likely to come in a stable version of the game.

But before using you require an invitation code and much more, however, this version will not replace your existing stable. Also, it is not recommended for a general player as it was more unstable, players potentially encounter major crashes, freezes and error codes.

Not to mention, PUBG Mobile 1.5 BETA doesn’t carry over the progress and stats which you made in a beta program.Today, in this guide, we guide you from downloading to installation step by step; check it out.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 BETA Update

Game developers do release the BETA

to ensure the game’s stability before the public releases the game. The BETA update is available for both Android and iOS. It is not as simple as downloading and playing a game; there are invitations and basic requirements you have to fulfill, so ensure you don’t miss the installation guide.


  • APK File Size: 720 MB
  • Enable “Unknown Source installation” from device settings.
  • Your device should have enough storage to store and run the game.
  • Use Stable internet connectivity, Wi-Fi recommended

How to download and install PUBG Mobile 1.5 BETA on Android

 Let’s begin, So without further ado, let’s check it out.

   Download PUBG Mobile 1.5 BETA

How to Download and Play PUBG Mobile 1.5 BETA on iOS

   PUBG Mobile 1.5 BETA for IOS (Open in Safari)

  • Open the Download link in Safari
  • Then, Click on Install, and the app icon appears on your device homepage.
  • After installation, Enable Trusted Certification
  • To enable “Trusted Certification,” open device settings and then head over to the general.
  • Choose Configuration Documents and Device Management; from there, enable Trusted Certification.
  • Launch PUBG Mobile BETA

This is how you can download and play the game; also, you will get rewards. However, you require a unique invitation code to execute the game. You could get an invitation code from PUBG Global; if you didn’t have then check out the following guide.

How to Get PUBG Mobile 1.5 BETA invitation Code

For this, you require a PUBG Mobile Global account to get an invitation code; follow the guide mentioned down below.

  • Open PUBG Mobile
  • Then, Click on the Event tab
  • Head over to Recommend and Under Best Test invitation Click on Get it
  • From there, Claim your invitation code.
  • That’s it!

Fix: PUBG Mobile BETA Stuck on a loading screen.

There are a few regions like India, where PUBG Mobile is banned; due to this restriction, you can’t be connected to the server. For this, you can use VPN connectivity to change your region. You can use any widespread or trusted VPN Service.

  •  Open VPN
  • Choose the preferable location, Like the USA
  • Tap on Connect
  • That’s it, Relaunch the game and check whether the problem is resolved is not.

FIX: Accidents on iOS

If the link can’t be open, copy the download link and past it on the Safri address bar. After launching the link, follow the guide of installation to download and install BETA 1.5 on your iOS/ iPadOS.