Tencent Gaming has officially rolled out the pubg mobile beta version 0.18.1. hands after release their a lot of players that were looking for a trial version of pubg mobile. This article will help you with downloading and installing the official beta version of the game. we suggest you follow the steps carefully so you would not go to who failed during the installing the game on your device.

Pubg mobile 0.8.1 trial version

Pubg mobile has always been testing its upcoming version of the game but there was a lot of minor or would be major but that could be included in the game. They do not want to who was the game with bucks so so before they roll out they have release required version of the game to the Real-world player. Where they were used to test the upcoming features and later they give feedback based on their gaming experience of the trial version.

Even there was a lot of player those who are interested to try the upcoming feature of the game. Not to mention they have added the new feature to the game but not always they have released to the Global version but initially proposed the new game feature to China as has been previously with extreme cold gaming mode. Gaming developers used to gather the feedback and then improved until they have finalised the result and then push the game feature or the game to the Global players

What’s New to the Pubg Mobile 0.18.1: changelog!

We do not have a lot of information about the game as they have not released the patch note but we have found some new feature as we have mentioned down below.

Pubg Mobile 0.18.1 BETA

There was some major update arrive with a PUBG Mobile 0.18.1, which is expected to affect a lot and makes worthy.

  • New arcade mode

Which was only enable in war mode but with and fast placed variation and new elements to the game design

  • Added the SLR sniper rifle
  • Lastly, the players cannot put the outfit in their portable closet UN can be changeable during the intense combat match.
  • Tactical Map Marker
  • DBS Weapon Added
  • New Placed added to Erangel Classic Map
  • Added UZI Pro
  • UZI Support Holo and Red Dot

There were a lot of different ways to install and play the game but there were some players who prepared the APK and OBB data file to be installed on their device. However, some download the complete file and then play the game we guide for both the situation so follow the guidelines as per your preference.

Beta Pubg Mobile 0.18.1 APK (APK + OBB Data file)

  • First thing first you have to install the apk file on your device.
  • After that, you have to copy / cut the Obi data file to the phone storage under “com.tencent.igce” folder.
  • That’s it, Once you have finished with all then you are now ready to enter the match.

The player unknown battleground is one of the most popular game across the globe and the beta version also be one of the unstable trial version out there. Therefore testing and paying the game to report the bug based on the user experience would be later on the stable version with an update.

Pubg mobile 0.8.1 test server

They have announced the test server for the game where the upcoming version will be pubg mobile 0.8.1. before we continue we would like to know you that the game will not go to store your progress data so you might lose your progress on the trial version. Even it will be so as and different application on your smartphone so it neither going to upgrade or degrade the current version of your pubg mobile.

How you can install the pubg mobile 0.8.1 beta version on your Android smartphone.


There was some minor thing that you have to remain before going to install and download on your device make sure that you have check all the requirements.

  • Your smartphone should have 4GB of free space.
  • You can open the Android link on any browser.
  • The android device should be running on Android 4.0.1 or higher version of Android.
  • You need to submit the box or any technical issues to the 10 sides.

Quick guidance for the iOS or iPadOS devices

  • You need to open the iOS link with this Safari browser only.
  • After that once your download is complete you have to follow the following instruction/ steps Setting > General > Profile and Device Management > Trust the Certificate.

Once you finish you can now install the pubg mobile 0.8.1 beta package on your Apple device. Once you have check all the three requirements you are now ready to install the game on your device.

  1. Starting with opening your file manager on your device.
  2. Then head over to the download folder.
  3. There you will find the APK, which you have to install on your device (ensure that you have to allow the unknown APK resource from the setting.)
  4. Once you have installed the pubg mobile beta version successfully.
  5. Now you would have to sign in with the guest account because it does not go to show any another login option as well as it’s not going to store your progress report.
  6. That’s it once you have install and sign and successfully you are can now enjoy the game as usual.

Pubg Mobile 0.18.1 BETA (Multiple Download Links)

iOS :

Official Test File for Apple device


Android :

Official Pubg Mobile BETA APK


Mirror Android APK (Direct Download Link)

Mirror Download Apk


There was a lot of features that have been introduced with beta version. But most likely the links of the pubg mobile 0.18.1 beta available until the developer allow. As the game is on the trial version we are not responsible for any data loss or any uncertain condition occur.

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Thanks for being with us we would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If there is any query shared with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more for the updates in future on same.