In spite of the fact that there are a number of smartphones not receiving Android 11, there are a variety of custom ROMs available for those devices. However, Custom ROM does not support Google Mobile Service due to numerous reasons and for flexibility. For those who wish to use Google Apps with their devices and wish to flash a custom ROM, a custom ROM requires Gapps.

Here is a look at the Google App Package which you can flash alongside great alternatives to the standard Google Apps. In addition to other features, NikGApps offers a variety of support features. NikGapps for Android 11 custom ROM can be downloaded from the following article.

Google Applications Frameworks and Google

App Services are included in NikGapps. It flashes all the essential Google applications such as Gmail, Google Play Store, YouTube, and many more. With that said, let’s take a look at this.

NikGApps for Android 11

To continue, you need to know that Google offers a different type of Android – nice and easy to download and install.


  • There are only a few Google Apps included, but it contains the most essential apps.


  • Android Go was bundled with the software, which was especially designed for low-density smartphones.


  • This version of Android adds a few additional apps, including Google Photos and Calendar, an app that is losing ground.


  • The Google App Service platform presents all the Google Experience apps in this section, giving an overall Google App Service experience.


  • Gmail, Android Auto, TTS, and other Google Apps are all in one place. Your device must have the entire Google App installed.

The NikGapps Add-on

  • There are additional files that are available for use once the NikGapps are installed on your device.

Custom ROM for Android 11 – NikGapps

You can download all of the NikGapps that are available alongside this add-on here. You can download the latest version of NikGapps here.

It is also possible to add-on NikGapps for Android 11 custom Rom, as we’ve mentioned. Having these apps on your device will let you download more Google Apps later.

NikGapps: How to install

  • Nik Gapps can be downloaded here
  • Once you’ve completed the storage process, you can unzip the file
  • Once this is done, reboot your phone into the TWRP recovery.
  • Afterwards, you must wipe the user’s data and locate NikGapps
  • to be installed, then reboot the system.

For those who encounter problems or wish to try other Gapps, they can opt for another version. The guide in this post should assist you in downloading NikGApps for Android 11. Thank you for joining us. We would be grateful if you could share any thoughts you may have in the comments section below.