The successor of SamFirm Windows Utility software allows you to download the latest Samsung’s Stock firmware at high-speed directly from the Samsung Firmware Update Server (FUS). XDA-Developer Senior Member Wssyncmldm, CrazyApe and eragon5779.  developed this tool.

Frija is a new tool (successor to SamFirm, which has since depreciated) that enables users to download latest firmware for their devices, which can then be flashed with Odin. Firmware can be downloaded by Frija at high speeds for all Samsung devices. The auto mode automatically detects Samsung phone models and CSCs and retrieves all the needed information from Samsung servers.

Direct Download of Samsung Firmware Using Frija Tool

By using Frija, Samsung FUS (Firmware Update Server) is directly accessed without having to use third party websites. Firmware downloads can be paused/resumed, even if the network has been interrupted or if the app has been restarted (if the download was interrupted).

If you experience any issues or bugs with Frija, you can reach out to the developer using the built-in Support form. A built-in App Updater in Frija allows users to update the app to the newest version whenever a new release is available. There are no Background or Startup services in Frija, which some users might find concerning. If you prefer Night Mode on the app, it comes with a Night theme

It comes with a bundle of features such as download resume functionality, Great UI, including Night Mode and Google Material Design. Even it has the Frija Update in-build in the tool. Direct Download of Samsung Firmware Using Frija Tool

Download Frija Tool Here
Frija-v1.4.3.zipDownload Here
Frija-v1.4.2.zipDownload Here
Frija-v1.4.1.zipDownload Here
Frija-v1.4.0.zipDownload Here
Frija-v1.3.0.zipDownload Here
Frija-v1.1.2.zipDownload Here
Frija-v1.1.1.zipDownload Here
Frija-v1.1.zipDownload Here

How to Use Frija Tool

  • Download the Frija Tool for your Supported Windows PCs, and then Extract the download Package on your PCs.
  • Double-Click on Frija.exe to launch the Frija Tool.
  • Next, Enter your device model number (Get your Device Model Number by navigating to Device Settings > Scroll down to About device> From there, get your Device Full Model Number.
  • After that, Enter your Device Country Code (CSC). [To get your device country code, Download the Phone Info Sam App from Google Play Store.]
    Phone INFO ★SAM★
    Phone INFO ★SAM★
    Developer: vndnguyen
    Price: Free
  • Now, check the checkbox for the “Auto” and Click on “Check Update” to initiate the patching latest update for your device.
    Photo by invmini/ XDA-Developers Senior Member
  • It will now show you the latest Stock Firmware for your device. If it fails, check the details, or your device might not support Samsung’s latest firmware update.
    Photo by invmini/ XDA-Developers Senior Member
  • Click on the download button, and save your file on your device.
  • That’s it!

This is how you can easily download the latest firmware for your Samsung device. Note: With the latest version of Frija v1.4.4.