Samsung updated its Expert RAW with a pro-grade camera application and received a major update. This update includes support for the Galaxy Z Fold 3.The update is live on the Galaxy Store, or else you can use the apk to install the update on your device, which we have embedded below.

Samsung Expert RAW

The pro-grade camera, one of the best Samsung Apps, provides DSLR shooter experience as well as capability that enthusiast photographers can use to demonstrate creative control over their photos.

What is new in Samsung Expert RAW v1.0.02.6?

This update weights around 50MB, and Samsung said it brings faster processing to process the captured photos, especially during low-light conditions. With this, you can expect more Galaxy devices to get benefits from Expert RAW Support, and with this, there will be extensive image quality in various conditions.


from adding new devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra didn’t get support for Expert RAW.

Expert RAW, a camera utility tool from Samsung, has been made available for early access.It gives more control over the camera and improves the existing Pro camera mode. Samsung released the latest version of the Expert RAW Camera V1.0.02.6. It brings a lot of major changes and bug fixes.

Today in this article we will be sharing the downloading link for Android and also a guide to using Samsung Galaxy Expert RAW. Follow the following instructions, so without further ado, let’s check it out.

The bug has been fixed in Samsung Galaxy Expert RAW V1.0.02.6.

  • fixed for the shutter speed while capturing long-exposure images.
  • Fixed: Bad image quality while capturing an image of a bright and saturated object.
  • Fixed: Bad pixel problem during capturing with a telephoto camera lens.
  • Fixed: A voice command bug in the Expert RAW app settings menu.

You can download the Samsung Expert RAW and submit feedback to improve the service during beta testing. Without further ado, let’s check it out.

Telephoto lenses have small pixel sizes and doesn’t capture a lot of light compared to ultra-wide and wide-angle lenses. This means more noise density and less brightness, but by using multi-processing techniques, you can reduce noise, boost sharpness, expand dynamic range, and improve other aspects of the image.

Expert RAW Samsung Galaxy

Samsung brought Expert RAW for Samsung Galaxy devices, which provides a high-quality, high dynamic range in multi-frame raw format for professional editing and photography.

  • 16-Bit RAW
  • Lossless JPEG
  • HDR
  • Pro Mode: ISO, Shutter Speed, EV, Manual, Focus, White Balance, Histogram, and More
  • Lenses supported include ultra-wide-angle lenses, wide-angle lenses, telephoto lenses, and zoom lenses.
  • Device: S21 Ultra
  • OS: One UI 4.0

How to Use Samsung Galaxy Expert RAW

Starting with downloading Expert RAW for capturing RAW profile images and Adobe Lightroom for editing.

Download Galaxy Expert RAW.

It is available on the Galaxy Store, or else you can download the apk package from the button down below.

   Download Expert RAW APK

Mirrors APK Download: APKMirrior

   Downlaod Expert RAW by Samsung from Galaxy Store

Adobe Lightroom must be downloaded.

You can download Adobe Lightroom from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store.

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor
Lightroom Photo & Video Editor
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free

How to Edit and Capture Shots Using Samsung Expert RAW

  • Launch Expert RAW on your Samsung device.
  • Choose the lens you want to shoot with.
  • Click on the shutter button. It takes some time to finish the process.
  • That’s it!

How to Edit RAW Images for Expert RAW

Expert RAW allows you to capture RAW profiles, but to edit them you require a third-party application called Adobe Lightroom. So it supports DNG files (compression of RAW for raw data so you can edit photos and have high-quality JPGs with lossless JPG).

  • Open Lightroom, and Open the image you want to Edit
  • Next, Click on Profile from the bottom Navigation
  • Tap on Import Profiles, and Choose Galaxy RAW Profile (You can downlaod GalaxyRAWProfile from the button down below, after downlaoding Unzip the file extract.)
  • After that, Browse the GalaxyRAWProfile and Choose to import it.
  • Once it import, You can use the Profile and then apply it on your device.
  • That’s it!

Download the Galaxy RAW Profile.

   Download Galaxy RAW Profile

Note: GalaxyRAWProfile will be added to Adobe Lightroom Classic with the release of V11.1.

Hopefully, this article will remain helpful for you. If there is any query, share it with us in the comment section below. Keep an eye out for future updates on the subject.