Activision will release Call Of Duty Previews for the upcoming season, where players can test certain features before the stable release of the game. COD Mobile Beta aims for Season 6, to test the public build you require an Android or iOS device with 2GB of free space. Additionally, a beta version will Limit to the first 30,000 players and the test will continue until further notice.

Following the leaks, there will be new scorestreaks, perks and grenade types alongside new slims and stack maps. So if you looking to join the beta, check out the download procedure mentioned down below.

Download and Play Call Of Duty Season 6 Public Beta (Test Build)

As we have mentioned, the game will be available on both Android and iOS using

the following instructions:

For Android

It is quite easy to install and play a game on Android.

   Downlaod Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 6 BETA

  • Download COD Mobile Season 6 Public Build APK
  • After that, execute the installation by enabling ‘Unknown source installation’ from the device settings.
  • Open the game and log in with your COD account.
  • That’s it. 

For iOs

You require a test flight application to use the COD Mobile Public Build on an iOS device.

   Open Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 6 BETA Testflight

  • Download and Install COD Testflight using this link here.
  • Now, open the Public Test Build and start installing the Public Beta on your iOS device.
  • That’s it.

Note: Progress in the Beta build will not carry forward to stable updates of the game. Also, you might experience stability issues including battery-draining, Freeze or a game that might be completely different from the COD Mobile stable version.

We believe you have successfully installed the public beta on your device. Share your experience and what’s new you found during testing.

Call of Duty: Mobile – July 13th Public Test Build | NOTE