It’s finally here! Android 14 is here! According to last year’s release schedule, Pixel 7 owners, Pixel 6 owners, Pixel 5 owners, Pixel 4 owners, and Pixel 4 owners will get the update soon. Android 14 will be available to you as part of Google’s developer preview program, making you one of the first users to see what the new OS has to offer.

In addition to Google Pixel devices, Android 14 is likely to be available through Developer Preview programs for a variety of devices from various OEMs. We’ll keep an eye out for new ones, even if none have been released yet. Developer previews will be released by companies as in previous years, so that developers can test their apps on their smartphones, too, for new Android versions.

Android 14 Developer Preview 1 (build number)

You may download Android 14’s first Developer Preview release for compatible Google Pixel devices from the index below.

DeviceOTAFactory Image
Google Pixel 4a 5GDownload LinkDownload Link
Google Pixel 5Download LinkDownload Link
Google Pixel 5aDownload LinkDownload Link
Google Pixel 6Download LinkDownload Link
Google Pixel 6 ProDownload LinkDownload Link
Google Pixel 6aDownload LinkDownload Link
Google Pixel 7Download LinkDownload Link
Google Pixel 7 ProDownload LinkDownload Link

Hopefully, you have successfully Download Download Android 14 Developer Preview 1 for Google Pixel and other Android devices. Thanks for Being with us.