XMT2 (XiaoMiTool V2) is an unofficial PC tool for managing and editing Xiaomi smartphones’ ROMs. In this Guide we discussed “How to download and install XiaomiTool V2”

What is XiaomiTool V2

XiaoMiTool V2 (XMT2) is an unofficial tool for your PC that manages and modifies Xiaomi smartphones’ ROMs and software.

The upgraded XiaoMiTool V2 features better graphics, improved stability, and more features than XiaoMiTool V1. From the moment you connect the device to your computer until the desired software or ROM is installed, XiaoMiTool V2 will take care of most of the tasks you need to perform.

You can use XiaoMiTool V2 to download the latest official roms, TWRP, and root your device with magisk and then decide which method is best for you XiaomiTool V2 is the all-in-one tool that makes modding Xiaomi smartphones easy.

Features to XioamiTool V2

  • Official roms (Chinese stable, beta, global stable, beta), roms, twrp, magisk, and more will be autonomously fetched when they become available.
  • Autonomous retrieval of device status and information, including the bootloader’s condition and the presently installed ROM,…
  • Installation type selection is made autonomously, with options including fastboot, stock recovery, twrp, and fastboot recovery.
  • Autonomous device management: if you enable USB debug, practically everything else will be handled by XMT2 (rebooting, querying information, sending commands)
  • Automatic driver installation: XMT2 will install your drivers without your intervention.
  • No other tool (minimum adb or else) is required for autonomous tool installation: XMT2 is a single, installable, and operable utility.
  • Integrated bootloader unlocking tool Similar to how the official one operates.
  • To come: more

Download XioamiTool V2

Download XioamiTool V2 Latest

Version Download link
V20.7.28 (beta) Click here
V20.7.21 (beta) Click here
V9.11.10 (alpha) Click here
V9.8.7 (alpha) Click here
V9.4.10 (alpha) Click here
V9.4.1 (alpha) Click here
V9.3.29 (alpha) Click here
V9.3.18 (alpha) Click here
V9.3.14 (alpha) Click here

How to Install XiamiTool V2

  1. First Download the XioamiTool V2 on your PC through the Given Link.
  2. Now, Go to Dowload Folder
  3. Then, Double Click on the Download .exe File and wait a while for package unpacked.
  4. Now, Click the Next and then Install
  5. Finally Click the Finish Button.
  6. That’s it…..

Note: When you open the Tool after installation selection the Region. It’s Automatically Installed the USB and other drivers.