Google’s Camera is a well-known industry-leading smartphone camera, but Gcam is limited to Google Pixel Series. There is no official support to download and install Google Camera on another smartphone. However, a Community of Developer come forward to allow users to use the Google Camera on their smartphone.

Google Smartphone always offers an extraordinary camera experience, Google put a lot of effort into its camera software instead of hardware. This is the primary reason why the Google Camera software application doesn’t available on another device. With some tweaking, Some potential camera mods become so popular so today in this article we are going to share OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 T, and OnePlus 8 Pro Device.

Google Camera Port: P-Z-D apks – Google Camera 8.2.20

Before proceeding check out the supported device, if the list has your device name then you can proceed further. So without further delay let’s check this out. Google camera is a revolutionary camera software on the smartphone since it launched, Initially, they launched the device with a single camera that’s it exploited the triple or quad-camera smartphone instant.

Google Camera 8.2.20 for Android device [GCam APK]

Everyone wants Google Camera on their smartphone but due to exclusive Google device gets the perk but there were many developers constantly tweaking the software for another device as well.

Google Camera port for Android device without root

These tweaked known as GCam MOD, Unofficial MOD bringing similar details, Sharpness, and colour on your smartphone. You find a perfect place for downloading the Google Camera on your Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco Smartphone.

Google Camera Features

There were four primary features you will get after installing GCam on your Android device Smartphone, which includes HDR10+, NightSight, Portrait Mode, and Astrophotography mode. Let’s discuss all the primary features so you can use those on your Android device Smartphone.


  • There are a few things that you should note before proceeding.
  • Starting with your device must enable with Camera 2 API, and your device should be running on Android 7.0. Not to mention, you can check compatibility using the Camera 2 API Probe APP if it shows “LIMITED”, “FULL” or “LEVEL 3” then you have Camera 2 API Enabled.
  • However, if it shows the “LEGACY”, then you need to give it root access and then enable the Camera 2 API on your device.
  • If GCam is not working for Android device, then you simply need to use an XML configuration file on your device.
  • There are different versions of Google Camera available for the specific device, so you require to download the correct APK hence there was a different version of GCam available for Android device Smartphone.

Pre-Requirements and Compatibility

  • Your device should be enabled with a Camera2 API.
  • It was compatible with Latest Snapdragon Soc, Exynos, Kirin, and MediaTek Smartphone.
  • Only a few old versions (GCam 4) Support 32 bits, ARM64.
  • Recently apk might work with an older version of an Android device.
  • It requires GApps, or replacements like microG, Android only.

How to Download and install Google Camera for Android device

Before going ahead, uninstall the previous version of GCCam if you have any installed on your device to avoid error during installation. It was quite easy to download GCam for your device, follow the following instruction to download and install Google Camera on your smartphone so far.

   Download GCam_6.1Beta.210615.1542build-8.1.101

  • First, download the APK from the given Download Button down below.
  • (It will redirect you to the download page, It was safe and faster. Click on download to Start downloading directly.)
  • Then, Simply enable the unknown app install and then install the application just like any third-party application.
  • After that allow with all it is the permission it requires.
  • Now, Simply open the Google Camera and start using the extra-ordinary photos.

Download – Alternative Gcam Version from P-Z-D

Check out this version of Google Camera from BGS, 

Download Config Settings

Checkout the following settings, downlaod config for respective device.

How to use config on your android device.

  • Downlaod the Config and then save it to <Internal storage>/ConfigsSettings8.2
  • Then, Open GCam 8.2 and head over to Config
  • After that, Select Config and choose Restore Config
  • That’s it!
P-Z-D changelog - Public Version
  • No Information from the developer
  • Source

Supported Device (Tested Device)

Check the find, here are all the officially supported device.

  • Mi Note 10
  • Pixel
  • Pixel 6
  • Pixel 6 Fold

Advance Settings on GCam 8.2 – Advance Settings

  • Front Camera Patcher
  • New HDR Mode
  • Disbale Google Photos
  • Auto NightSight
  • Add 3 New Video Stabilization
  • Advance HDR+ (Portrait)

Optimum Settings for using Gcam on GCam_6.1Beta.210615.1542build-8.1.101

  • Simply head over to more option to open the camera setting.

After that, click on the P-Z-D MOD setting and the input setting simply tweak the following function.

  • Change the interface style to pixel 2, Change Configuration to PIXEL2018 ZSLR HDR+.
  • Go back and Enable Google Photos and disable zoon, Enable HDR+.
  • Now, Open Saturation and set Highlight Saturation to 1.8 and Set Shadow Saturation to 2.4.
  • That is it, Restart the application again.

How to Enable Astrophotography Mode on GCam_6.1Beta.210615.1542build-8.1.101

  • First thing first, open your GCam and then Swipe down to the Viewfinder.
  • Then, Tap on the Settings icon and then click “About” there you will find the “Advanced Settings”.
  • Simply search for “Cuttle” and then Switch on the option expect “Camera_Cuttle_Avergage_Frames” and “camera_cuttle_Sky_Segmention_gpu”.
  • That is it, Head back and enable to NightSight mode there you have the option to use Astrophotography mode.

Enjoy, Click Some Stunning Shots

  • Make sure your device Lense is clear.
  • Tap to focus, and detailed images in low-light with Focus make it stunning.
  • Do not always top on the brightness sight, also for Dodge reflection.
  • An object should be stationary until the shutter clicks.

Troubleshooting Guide – How to Fix

In case you encounter any problem, try out the following tweak this might helps you. These are the most common troubleshoot step down below step-by-step.

Fix GCam for Android device

If you are facing any problem, then follow the following instruction on your device so far.

  • Probably, this can fix using the configure XML Config file on your device. Simply move the file of GCAm to Configs7 Folder.
  • In case there is not any folder with the simply create the “Config7” inside the “GCam” folder, Now move the Config file there.
  • Now, Simply open the Google Camera and double tab the shutter button and then the dropdown menu appears.
  • That is it, Simply then choose the XML Config file and move to the config7 folder.

Fix: Can’t install the app

If you are using an older version of an Android device, unlikely a GCam 7 for an Android 10 if you are using the GCam 6 or GCam 5 most likely for an Android 8 and Android 9.

  • Remove other GCam: If you have any other Gcam installed, then you should first remove the GCam from your device and try to install the GCam on your device.
  • Incompatible with your Android device: Google might remove the GCam support for the older device, in case try to install the older version of GCam instead of the latest version of GCam.
  • Corrupted Download: There might be an error or likely get corrupted during downloading and the apk file, So just download the file again.


Hopefully, This helps you a lot, and you have been installed the GCam successfully on your Android device Smartphone. Thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback if there is any query share it with us in the comment section down below.