It is an uncommon occasion to receive an in-game skin for Doom Eternal Part 2. Due to the difficulty of completing the Ancient Gods Escalation Encounter Location, receiving the in-game skin seems to be quite challenging. So you don’t mistakenly press the melee button in Round 1, you need to find the hidden first.

Escalation Encounter Locations in Doom Eternal Ancient Gods 2

Encounter location for World Spear Escalation

The Sentinel Hammer upgrade can be found in the First Level. Through the narrow corridor, a player is facing enemies and explosive barrels on either side. As you ride Dragon, you are in

the meantime. As you move across the starting area, press the melee button to explode. Once you’ve filled some light over the walls, jump, and participate in the Escalation Encounter on either side.

Encounter Location for Earth Reclaimed

Continuing with the upgrade, you will find the second upgraded hammer on Earth Reclaimed. As you push the car to Level 2nd, you have to make a choice between two options. Jump over the bus using your shotgun grapple point.

In order to reach the armor restore, you must fight for your life against the initial enemies. Thus, as soon as you kill the Enemies, the Red Survivor skin will be unlocked.

Encounter Location for Moral Escalation

There isn’t much of a problem finding the upgrade for the final sentinel. The first step is to jump over the gap, followed by barely punching the last. While you will have impressive hammer gains, you will not be able to fully utilize them. Finally, you must defeat all previous Enemies, which is extremely difficult to accomplish.