Blizzard Entertainment is a well-known gaming company that is a subsidiary of Activision and the official publisher of the Call of Duty franchise. Recently, a player reported being disconnected from the Blizzard Service following an update. Other players have made comparable claims. This article contains a troubleshooting guide that may assist you in resolving the Disconnected from Blizzard Service error.

Blizzard Services Have Been Disconnected Due To An Error

The disconnecting blizzard services error can be caused by a lot of circumstances, and you can resolve it by following the steps mentioned below. The instructions are listed below.

Examine the server’s status.

The disconnect could be the result of a Blizzard network outage or scheduled maintenance. To monitor network outages in real time, you can follow Blizzard Support on Twitter or use DownDectator.

Install the most recent graphics card driver

The drivers are critical to the game’s rendering. While playing the game, an outdated driver causes errors such as flickering, stuttering, and game crash. You should first update any out-of-date drivers on your system, and then search for the most recent version.

You can either download the most recent driver from the Manufacturer’s support page or manually install it. Additionally, you can use a third-party programme such as a driver booster to scan for and install all necessary drivers; it will also keep your system’s existing drivers up to date.

DNS and IP Refresh

DNS cleaning and IP renewal are both described in detail below.

Flushing the DNS

  • Open CMD
    • Open from Run Dialog Box
      • Use Windows + R
      • Enter EMD and Hit Enter
    • Open From Windows Search
      • Press Windows Logo and then Type CMD
      • Open the Application
  • Confirm the UAC (User Account Control)
  • Enter ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter
  • Wait to execute the command.
  • That’s it

Renewing your IP address

  • Run CMD as administration
    • Open from Run Dialog Box
      • Use Windows + R
      • Enter EMD and Hit Enter
    • Open From Windows Search
      • Press Windows Logo and then Type CMD
      • Open the Application
  • Then, Allow the UAC (User Account Control0
  • Enter ipconfig /release and hit enter
  • Wait to finish and then again enter ipconfig /renew 
  • Hit enter and wait to finish
  • That’s it.

Reboot your network devices

The lagging will still occur if you do not restart the network device by re-plugging the Moden, Router, or other device in the network.

  • Turn off the power from the power socket
  • Wait for a couple of minutes
  • Turn on the Power from Power Socket and then wait until your network device blinking
  • That’s it.

Relaunch the game and see if the problem has been resolved

Blizzard Services Disconnected: Reset User Interface

Displays or user interfaces may become corrupted.

  • Quit the game and then uninstall all the addon manager.
  • Now, Inside the
  • After that, with and then Click on Option alongside Show in Explorer
  • Close
  • Next, Double-Click on your choice of a game folder, and it will open in the new pop-up window.
  • There you will have your Connection file
    • class="ql-indent-1">Double-Click on the _retail_ or _classic_
    • Open it, and then there you will find Interface, Cache and WTF Folder to these mentioned
      • InterfaceOld, CacheOld, WTFOld
  • That’s it; once you have done, simply re-launch the game

Close all background applications

It is likely that the crash occurs due to a background task that is using a lot of resources, so it is better to end the task. You can check if the game is running after you end your task.

  • Open Task Manager
    • Use the Ctrl + Alt + Esc
  • Click on Process and then look for the high-resource apps and service
  • Simply, Right-Click on the app and then click on End Task

Activate your third-party software: Check your anti-virus or firewall.

The game file might be detected by your Antivirus or Firewall program as a thread if you use a third-party program. If the problem persists, we recommend that you run the game or disable your anti-virus software while the problem is investigated.

Update your operating system

Installing the latest Windows version will fix the error most likely, so make sure you are running the latest update. Update Windows if it hasn’t been updated in awhile.

  • Open Windows Settings
  • Head over to the Update and Security
  • Click on Check for update
    • Wait for it to complete the scan 
  • If you found any update
    • Click on Download and install
  • That’s it

Please wait for the Blizzard Services’ upcoming rollouts if you still encounter the Disconnected Blizzard Services after following this guide. Please share with us any further questions or concerns down below.