Google revamped their Digital Wellbeing with a shuttle change in Bedtime featuring New Material You. There is an addition of the “Dim the Wallpaper” feature, and tweaks settings for quick setup. It has the new card-style list.

Starting with the first card in the settings, Status of Bedtime mode with a toggle to enable the Bedtime mode. Apart from this, there are two adjustment options “Turn off for now”, and “Pause for 30 Minutes.” Followed by Bedtime routine consist of Turn on While Charging, or None.

At the last, It has the Customize option, alongside Do Not Disturb for Bedtime Mode, and Turn off Bedtime mode at the next alarm. Which remain consistency. There is the new Screen option at bedtime,

  • Grayscale
  • Keep the screen dark: Turn off the always-on display
  • Dim the wallpaper
  • Dark Theme

Diming the wallpaper is quite useful, You can download the latest beta to enable the Dim wallpaper through the Beta channel. Android 13 is expected to release in September.

Download Digital Wellbeing’s v1.1.463639936.beta (409068)

Digital Wellbeing’s Bedtime mode gets Android 13 redesign and wallpaper dimming
Courtesy: 9To5Google

   Digital Wellbeing Beta – Wallpaper Dimming, and Android 13 Material UI

Google first announced this during Google I/O for Android 13, It has a lot of changes to make things more comfortable by scheduling to put your device in grayscale, disabling AOD (Always-On Display), and active DND for the evening routine.