WhatsApp has a feature where you can delete messages for yourself and everyone. But what if you want to know which message has been deleted by your family members or friends? It’s possible that the message was sent to you. Recovering deleted WhatsApp messages can come in quite handy.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services globally, and the company is constantly pushing updates to improve WhatsApp. Today, in this article, we will share how you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android.

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android

Deleting WhatsApp messages is helpful, but sometimes it can annoy the recipients. Follow the instructions below to learn how to read deleted messages on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Instagram, and Telegram.

WAMR: Undelete messages!
WAMR: Undelete messages!
Developer: drilens al
Price: Free
  • Start by downloading WAMR: Undelete Message from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Once downloaded, you need to set up WAMR.
  •  Open WAMR and tap “Accept” for the “Accept the Disclaimer” prompt.
  •  Next, it will ask you to enable permission for device and app notifications, which will take you to settings to enable device and app notifications.
  •  Tap the “Allow Notifications Access” toggle and then “Allow” on the following pop-up to grant notifications access.
  •  After this, WAMR will show the disclaimer highlighting all its capabilities. Tap the arrow button on the bottom-right corner to proceed.
  •  Check the checkbox for WhatsApp to start storing WhatsApp notifications, and then proceed by tapping the arrow button on the bottom-right corner.

You can also recover deleted media, but for this, you also need to enable the Media Folder. Make sure to enable the auto-downloaded media option. To do this, tap the Enable button and the Allow button on the pop-up. It will redirect to the WhatsApp Media Folder, and then the “Use this folder” button will appear at the bottom to select it.

Once you have set it up, it will show some limitations. After reading, check the checkbox that appears in the right corner. WAMR also shows notifications for incoming calls, media, and stories.

Note: It will not work for previously deleted chats. WAMR only works for new messages. To recover deleted messages, you need a third-party application that only works with Android devices. However, this method will not work with iOS.

This works by reading your notification messages, and since it is not linked to WhatsApp, it may compromise accuracy, meaning it may miss some messages. So, to ensure it remains reliable to use, refresh or restart the app.

All the WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted, which means there is no way to read or collect messages for recovery. Since all the messages appear in notifications, they are stored in notifications to show which messages are missing. All third-party WhatsApp deleted message recovery apps, including WAMR, keep track of WhatsApp notifications to help you know which WhatsApp messages were sent.

If you don’t like WAMR, you can find a good alternative. One great alternative is to use the Android feature to view WhatsApp notifications from the Android History feature.

View Notifications History

Google released the Notifications History feature with Android 11 or higher. This feature is not explicitly designed for WhatsApp, but it is helpful in checking missed notification alerts from any app. It includes keeping a history of WhatsApp notification alerts, and here is a guide on how to enable it:

  • Open your device settings.
  •  Head over to Notifications and then Advance Settings.
  •  After that, head over to Notifications History.

If you have enabled this feature, all your notifications for apps, including WhatsApp, will be saved in Notifications History. However, you do have to note that Notification History only saves for 24 hours from the time of receiving it.

Note: Every Android device has a different interface for the same settings, so you might not see something similar.

So, this is how you can read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android. Both functionalities of reading and deleting messages on Android are good. One is with third-party apps like WAMR, and the other is with the View Notifications History to recover WhatsApp deleted messages.