After the wake of the United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and end federal abortion protections, for such a reason People are tense with weapons in the court and may be insecure. Because abortion has started to be criminalized in parts of the country, fears around personal data aren’t unfounded. 

But the legal experts claim that data from period tracking apps probably isn’t a big deal. For this reason, People are more worried about things such as search history and text messages. However, it is not a primary weapon for the supreme court. But, People are worried and looking for steps to delete period records.

How do I delete Period Tracking App Data?

The period Tracking app has sensitive information like the complete details of the Menstrual Cycle of a person. As a result, it offers to track things like PMS symptoms and sexual activity. Meanwhile, This period tracking shows the complete details: if someone stops menstruating for a few months and then starts up again, it could hint that they may have had a pregnancy end.

On the other hand, These apps have no medical privacy laws. It means the maker of the app can do anything with its stored data. For this reason, They can share any person’s period details to a court if any specific warrant permits. However, It is not an issue because the details will be shared by the person who found the victim.

But, Period Tracking details are quite more private, and the Supreme Court decision makes them uncomfortable. So, To satisfy those users below, we are sharing some common instructions that you can use on every period tracking app.

Note: Here, We have taken the “Flo” App as a reference. They say through deactivating your account, and the stored data will be retained.

  • Simply head over to the Menu.
  • Then, Tap on Home >> Contact Us.
  • Next, submit a deactivation request.
  • Once the account is deactivated, Your data will be retained.
  • That’s it, and Your Data will be deleted (Retain as per Flo Privacy Policy).

Besides that, there is some more period tracking apps such as OVIA, CLUE, GLOW, Cycle Tracking on Apple Health, etc. But, similar to Flo, these apps have their individual data clearing privacy policy. Although, the main thing you need to do is delete your respective tracking app account and comply with privacy policies.