If you don’t feel WindowsOS doesn’t look very attractive, then you can spend some time tweaking your desktop to make it more personalized. Today in this article we will be sharing a quick guide to making your desktop look aesthetic and more functional.

Make your desktop Aesthetic

Here are some basic things which you can do to make your desktop look aesthetic, follow the guide.

  • You can start with cleaning your desktop (Icons, and Shortcut.) or do better file management by creating the folder and arranging icons based on your preference.
    • Or simple clear by, Right-click on the Desktop.
    • Go to View, and uncheck the Show desktop icon.
  • Next, Re-arrange or clear your Windows Start menu, and Taskbar.
  • Disable unnecessary button, Which includes the Windows Search bar, and Cortona from the taskbar settings.
  • Hide. Taskbar badges from the Settings > Notification area > Select which icon appears on the taskbar. Now it will show notification under a hidden icon and do enable what you always want to see like Speaker (Ear trumpet.)
  • Head over to, Quick action (Notification centre) unpin which you don’t want and let remain what you like to have.
  • Choose the right colour which you want to have, You have two different options Light Mode and Dark Mode.
  • After that, Pick your wallpaper you can use these websites to get wallpaper or Search on Google.
  • Apply the wallpaper, and then choose the Color scheme from the Windows Personalization.
  • Download Rainmeter to add Widgets, and Setup it up accordingly.
  • Done.

So, this is how you can customize your PC. It gonna take a lot of time since there are many things to select, Choose and set up. Since this article only covers the most basic part of the customization about how you can personalize.