Converting PDF files to word format is sometimes essential, especially for those who don’t have a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro. Users cannot edit their PDF files directly in the PDF without Adobe Acrobat. 

So they need to convert them into any other format that permits editing. Most people prefer to convert PDF to Word as it is comparatively easy to use and allows users to include and delete multiple elements like tables, graphs, pictures, shapes, etc.

Converting PDF files to Word or any other format is quite simple. The process is almost the same on both mobile and desktop devices. However, some mobile users don’t know their options when converting files on mobile devices.

In this article, we will discuss some best ways to convert PDF files into word format on mobile devices. Let’s explore those ways!

Using PDF Converter Applications

PDF converter applications are developed to make PDF file conversion easier for mobile users. Most of these converters are easy to use and free to access. Therefore, mobile users should prefer using them whenever they need to convert their documents to edit or share them. Knowing the users’ needs, some companies have developed very helpful applications for users.

The best and the most reliable applications are mentioned below;

PDF Converter – PDF to Word by CA Publishing

This PDF converter application is developed to help users to make their files editable and shareable by converting files from one format to another. It utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert PDF files to Word. This Android application was released in 2019 as a PDF to word converter, but with time, it has also introduced some other features that made it very popular among users. Now it is also assisting users in converting their files to JPG, Zip, PPT, and many other formats. If we call it a PDF managing application, there won’t be any exaggeration. 

PDF Converter - PDF to Word
PDF Converter - PDF to Word

Besides conversions, it also allows users to lock, unlock, merge, split, watermark, and rotate their files. This PDF to word converter application provides a wide range of features and benefits that allows everyone to perform any task related to their documents. One of the best things about this PDF to word application is it’s a user-friendly interface, so you don’t need to watch tutorials or develop some skills to use it. 

PDF to Word Converter by SmartApps38

This PDF to word application is also very beneficial for mobile users. It efficiently works, and users will get their files in the same font styles and structure. They don’t need to make adjustments from scratch to make their converted files usable. 

Furthermore, this application also perfectly translates the tables and lists. That’s how this application has won the trust of many users and maintains an excellent rating on the Play Store. However, the difference between this tool and the PDF converter by CA Publishing is that it doesn’t provide many other solutions that CA Publishing’s application offers.

PDF to Word Converter
PDF to Word Converter
Developer: SmartApps38
Price: Free

However, besides using mobile applications, users have another great option.

Using Online Converter Tools

Many web-based PDF converters have been developed that are helpful for desktop users and mobile users. These online tools also let mobile users convert and manage their files. Users don’t need to use any particular browser or device to utilize them. Most of these websites or compatible with every kind of device and browser.

PDF to Word Converter by SmallSEOTools

Ways to Convert PDF into Word On Mobile

SmallSEOTools is a popular website that offers many great tools for users. The platform provides a reliable PDF to word converter that allows users to convert their PDF files to Word without downloading any application or software. It is as helpful for mobile users as it is for desktop operators. This online tool also uses OCR technology to convert PDF files.

Many tools-based websites ask users to sign up first and perform any task. However, this online service doesn’t require users to sign up or give their personal information before converting their files. So, your data is always secure with SmallSEOTools. Moreover, the interface of this website is quite simple, making it useful for everyone.

Final Words:

Mobile applications and web-based tools are equally beneficial for mobile users when converting PDF files to word or other formats. So, you can use both methods to convert files and make them editable.