CoD’s Popular Gaming title named “Warzone” is Stuffed with major new changes and additions that are
loved by numerous CoD players. Recently, the gaming title came up with a new season that is season 4.
In which the game has seen a lot of major changes into the game. But, the classic Black Ops Cold War
assault rifle is back to being meta.

Moreover, there are several things introduced with the season 4 like FFAR classic and increased damage
with the existing weapons. Even all of these changes cannot compete with classic black ops cold war
assault rifle. For so, To detail the fact below we have shared a completed guide over it.

CoD Warzone Season 4 dominated with FFAR Meta

The excitement for the arrival of season 4 in the warzone was full of faith. But, season 4 was not what
the players are expecting. According to a warzone content creator, Swagg has showcased his go-to FFAR
class for Season 4 with a claim that the classic Black Ops Cold War assault rifle is back to being meta.
Moreover, The FFAR was already considered a powerful all-around weapon in the battle royale back in
Black Ops Cold War’s life cycle. Alongside, there are several buffs introduced to the game but FFAR is on
the top of the list. Swagg outlined the same in his YouTube video highlighting of the maximum damage
range increased from 25.4 to 28.6 meters.

Swagg has considered the FFAR one of the best weapons of season 4 in a warzone. Even that, the
content creator also mentioned his loadout as Muzzle (Agency Suppressor), Laser (Tiger Team Spotlight),
Stock (Raider Stock), Rear Grip (Serpent Wrap) and Magazine (Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag).

Meanwhile, FFAR is listed as an assault rifle in the CoD Warzone. But, You need the right set of
attachments so that weapon can transform into something more akin to an SMG. As you know for the
previous season, after the Cold War integration, the FFAR 1 was far and away from the best assault rifle
in Warzone. But, now popular creators like Swagg self outlined its good point in their videos.

Overall, The best and pretending to be a good assault rifle dominating the warzone season 4. Also, it
could see what more things to get featured with this new season. So, if any user has a query about this
subject then feel free to ask in the comment section down below.