Activision may make their latest release free-to-play this weekend. So, for players who want to experience MW II before buying the game then this is a good opportunity. Players can play several Multiplayer Modes and Maps during free-to-play weekends.

This will be the first Free Weekend for the game, however, Activision has yet to announce it and there are no official details available so far. Meanwhile, Warzone 2.0 packed DMZ Mode which is free-to-play but it’s completely different from the traditional multiplayer mode which is a core-multiplayer experience.

According to Reports, Free-to-play is likely, to begin with, Modern Warfare 2’s Season 1 Reloaded Mid-Season update. The mid-season update is expected to be scheduled on December 14, following this we can expect a Free-to-play weekend starting on December 15th to December 19th.

Mid-Season will also unlock the Shipment and Double XP, and this will give new players a more immersive experience. Additionally, CoD will roll out a new game mode called “CoD Ball” as a part of the World Cup. The game mode, in which players attempt to score a large ball, is quite familiar to the popular free-to-play Rocket League.

CoD MW 2 became the fastest-selling game with $1 Billion in sales within 10 days of launch. With a game price that starts at $70, even after the game has been a huge commercial success, there is plenty of market share to capture.

To experience the CoD Campaign, the game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. By trying this game during this event, you can decide whether you want to spend your money on this game or not. Not to mention, many players also want to first know how this game will perform on their device.