Over the last few days, Call of duty mobile players have been feeling optimistic. All thanks to Season 10 World-class Update that refreshed all player’s minds. However, This update already hit the global servers on 9th November at 4 PM PT. Even though numerous CoD lovers still don’t know about such a new update.

Moreover, before the release of Call of Duty, Mobile developers had already addressed this new update on their blog page. Still, many players left to upgrade to Season 10 World Class and have no idea about this update. So, here we are going to discuss Call of Duty Season 10 World Class Update along with the installation Guide.

How to download and install CoD Mobile Season 10 2022 Update

Download and install CoD Mobile Season 10 2022 Update

Whether it is a season 10 or 9, after the release and full-fledged experience of the updated Call of duty, players are always waiting for the next update. The reason is CoD Mobile developers presume a hope to get something more unique with the game. They think developers will release something more thrilling to the game.

Likewise, The last CoD Mobile Season 10 release made players crave it. But the issue arises for those who aren’t able to download and install such updates. Listening to that, below we are sharing some instructions to guide you to install CoD Season 10 using an APK file.

  • Simply, Open your web browser.
  • Download the Call of Duty Mobile Apk here.
  • Look for the download button and Tap on it.
  • As a result, It will start downloading.
  • Once it downloads, Enable the Unknown Source installation option.
  • Now Install the download APK file.
  • Launch the installed app and download additional updates (if any).
  • That’s it, and You are ready to explore Season 10 World Class.

Suppose you encounter any issues with your installation or may not find the OBB File on the Android 12or higher version. Then you can use the Split APKs installer.



  • Download the Split APKs installer, and Open it on your device.
  • Tap on the Install APKs, and go to your package to select and install the game.
  • That’s it!

However, when CoD developers are going to experiment with something, they do unveil the same in kind of beta testing. Still, Players always overlook something new. To stand upon such expectations, below are the special things found somewhat unique in CoD Mobile tradition. However, update is live on Google Play Store, and App Store.

class="wp-block-image size-large">Download and install CoD Mobile Season 10 2022 Update

Mythic Operator Skin: The CoD Mobile Season 10 got a new version of operator skin. Certainly, the skin is under the form of Spectre – Hunter T-3. So that now players will get a new appearance in the game and enjoy it more customizable.

Black Ops Cold War Crossroads Strike Map: The Call of mobile duty season 10 got a new crossroads Strike map. With the effect of this map, players can get the feel of black ops and its related adventure. However, it is not a standard version but instead a smaller version.

New SMG – LAPA: Back in Season 6, we all know the last weapon arrived in the game. And it was not so memorable because it was the last. The only reason is that LAPA is an extreme SMG weapon under the CoD Mobile history that can sustain throughout the different seasons.

New Operator Skill – Balista: Concerning the new environment, developers have added a new operator skill to the game. Certainly, CoD Season 10 got a new skill, “Balista” that gives players a deadly railgun that can be charged up and then fired through walls. If you just so happen to see enemy outlines through surfaces, this skill is on the top.

Apart from these special things, there are numerous things mentioned in Season 10 patch notes. But these are merely matters for a normal player. The reason is all the other things are minor and very less effective for a beginner. But still, if someone wants to go in-depth, then they can explore it through the official website.

Download and install CoD Mobile Season 10 2022 Update

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How many GB is cod mobile Season 10?

Ans. This update is around 1.5 GB approximately.

Q2. What is the biggest cod game in GB?

Ans. Call of duty: Black Ops War is around 250 GB.

Q3. Is GTA bigger than CoD?

Ans. Call of Duty is bigger than GTA.

Q4. Is Cod Mobile still popular in 2022?

Ans. Yes, CoD Mobile’s last quarter views marked up to 4 Million Plus views.