As you may already know, the cloud computing industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with businesses seeking to take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology. Leading players such as AWS, Azure, and GCP have announced their plans for 2023, and despite the recent slowdown in hiring, there are still roles in high demand within these companies. Today, we will be discussing the top cloud computing careers for 2023 and explaining the opportunities and demand within the industry.

  • The role of a cloud computing professional involves.
  • The skills required for this role include.
  • The average salary for this position is.

Without further ado, let us delve deeper into this topic.

Cloud Role

One potential cloud computing role to consider is that of a Solution Architect. At AWS, a Solution Architect acts as a technical advisor to customers as they utilize the cloud. If you were to become an AWS Solution Architect working with small to medium businesses, your main responsibility would be to assist these businesses in designing solutions on AWS that adhere to best practices.

This involves ensuring that the solution is scalable, secure, flexible, and cost-effective. To meet these requirements, Solution Architects provide technical guidance through presentations and demonstrations, utilizing architectural diagrams. Experience is not necessarily a prerequisite for this role, as companies such as AWS offer associate-level Solution Architect positions that provide the necessary training and skills development. These skills can be divided into technical and non-technical categories.

Technical skills for a Solution Architect role typically include a fundamental understanding of IT, networking, computer systems, storage, databases, and security. Familiarity with cloud computing and some hands-on experience with cloud technologies is also beneficial. In terms of soft skills, companies often seek individuals who are strong communicators and problem solvers, able to effectively work with customers and explain technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner. According to, the average salary for an Associate Solution Architect at AWS in the US is $161,660.

It is worth noting that different companies may use different terminology for their cloud computing roles. For instance, what AWS refers to as a Solution Architect may be referred to as a Customer Engineer at Google. Therefore, it is important to carefully review the job description to understand the specific responsibilities of the role. Solution Architects provide customers with technical advice and propose ideas and solutions, but they do not typically handle the actual implementation of these solutions. If a customer requires assistance with implementation, they may seek the assistance of a Cloud Architect.

Cloud Architect 

In contrast to Solution Architects, who primarily provide technical guidance, Cloud Architects are more focused on helping customers implement solutions. A typical day for a Cloud Architect might involve assisting customers in improving their cloud infrastructure, as well as meeting with key stakeholders and decision makers to discuss long-term cloud strategies. As mentioned previously, different companies may use different terminology for this role, so job titles to look out for may include Cloud Consultant and Cloud Developer.

The skills required to become a cloud architect are similar to those of a solution architect, as both roles involve technical and customer-facing responsibilities. However, cloud architects typically need stronger programming skills and a deeper understanding of technical IT fundamentals. The average salary for an entry-level cloud architect in the US is approximately $165,364 per year. If you have relevant past experience in the tech industry, your salary may be higher.

If you do not have a technical background and are not interested in working with cloud services, there are still roles in the cloud industry that may be suitable for you. This brings us to the next step in exploring potential career paths.

Sales Development Representative 

There are not many articles discussing the role of a Sales Development Representative (also known as an SDR). These individuals are responsible for generating new business opportunities for their company, which may include reaching out to potential customers, setting up sales meetings, and qualifying business leads. The main duty of an SDR is to identify potential customers and interest them in using AWS.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential for this role, as it is important to be able to explain the benefits of your company’s products and services to potential customers and persuade them to start using those products. While an understanding of cloud services is not necessarily required, it can be a valuable bonus. According to, the average salary for sales roles in the US is approximately $137,500 per year. However, many companies have a commission-based model, where the more sales you generate, the higher your total salary will be.

Account Manager 

This is another role in the cloud industry where technical skills are not necessarily required. While Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) focus on identifying new business opportunities, account managers are responsible for growing and maintaining existing relationships with customers.

At AWS, account managers provide ongoing support and guidance to help customers optimize their use of the AWS Cloud. They may also work with other teams to identify additional opportunities to further assist customers. Account managers can be thought of as the main point of contact for customers during their journey using the cloud. If customers need guidance when using the cloud, the account manager will bring in the necessary people and resources to provide support.

Similar to an SDR, account managers also need to have good communication and interpersonal skills. They should be able to communicate effectively with customers and other stakeholders, both in person and in writing. While a knowledge of cloud computing is preferred, most companies provide on-the-job training to help employees understand their products and services.

It is difficult to provide an exact salary range for account manager roles, as they are typically commission-based. However, they are typically paid with an annual bonus ranging from approximately $200,000 to $400,000.

Cloud Support Engineer 

This is a hands-on technical role focused on providing guidance to customers when they encounter technical issues. This can include helping customers troubleshoot issues, answering questions about products and services, and more. The average salary for a Cloud Engineer in the US is around $152,664 per year. To find out the salary range for this role in your country, we recommend looking for jobs on websites like Glassdoor and Level.fy.