During the Game Awards 2021, Krafton said that the game would be free to play. PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free to play, but it is not for both PC and consoles. The game has been premium and paid for since its launch, and it still has premium in-game items. Because both Epic’s Fortnite: Battle Royal and Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone saw big growth, Krafton might be inspired to make a game like that one, too! Today, we’re going to show you how to get and play PUBG: Battlegrounds on PC and consoles through Steam. Let’s look at it now.

About PUBG: Battlegrounds Free-To-Player

With a total of 100 players, you can also use different weapons and learn how to stay alive. Players will need to get weapons, vehicles, and other things, but they also need to keep an eye on the Blue Zone. The last person to stay alive will win the match. Firearms, maps, and team play are all types of battle royals in the game.

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How to Download and Install PUBG: Battlegrounds

A Highside Slick Backpack, a Highside Slick Top, and two pre-determined slot coupons will be given to players when the game goes free to play, but there are many other things they will get as well. When you sign up for the game, you can get 10 contraband coupons for taking style quizzes, too.

Connect your Krafton ID to PUBG: Battlegrounds.

When you link Krafton to PUBG: Battleground, both new and long-time players will get a reward in the game. Before you start the process, you should know that you can only participate in the event once with each Krafton ID.

  • Open PUBG: Battleground, and then head over to the Career tap from the top navigation bar.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions to link your Krafton ID to the gaming platform. You have to perform this before January 12th, 2022.
  • Once your Krafton ID account is linked successfully, you can claim the rewards from the inventory (customized menu).
  • That’s it!

Free-to-Play PUBG: Battlegrounds Rewards

Players on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox Stadia, and Steam platforms were eligible to claim such rewards.

  • Highside Slick Backpack (Level 1)
    Highside Slick Top
    Preset Slot Coupon (Validity: 7 Days)

By inviting your three friends to the PUBG Battlegrounds, you can claim the following rewards:

How to Invite a Friend for Free-To-Play PUBG: Battlegrounds

  • After linking your Krafton ID to the game,
  • Then, it will show you a sharing link to your friend.
  • Invite your friend to complete pre-registration and by inviting three friends to complete pre-requirements.
  • Rewards will automatically receive the reward once you access the game after maintenance on January 12, 2022.
  • Claim the rewards from the customise menu.
  • That’s it!

Reward for Referring a Friend

  • Highside Slick-Helement (Level 1)
  • G-Coin Box Made of Iron
  • Bonus Reward

A Special Reward for the Players

There is also a special reward for players who have purchased the game before.

  • Set of Custom Skins
  • Shackle and Shanks Legacy-Pan
  • Battle-Hardened Legacy Nameplate

Battlegrounds Plus

This is a premium membership plan, which will be available on sale when the game goes free-to-play. The Battlegrounds Plus subscription costs $13. Check out the rewards here.

  • 100% Survival Master XP+ Boost
  • Tab for Career Medals
  • A Custom Match Creator
  • Captain’s Camo Hat
  • Captain’s Camo Mask
  • Captain’s Camo Gloves
  • 1,300 G-Coin

How to Get PUBG: Battlegrounds for Free Right Now

Here is the following guide to download and install PUBG: Battlegrounds

  • Open Steam, and search for the PUBG.
  • Visit the PUBG: Battlegrounds page.
  • Click on the “Play Game” button, and then browse the location to download it.
  • Then, it will start preparing to download the game.
    And then it will start downloading.
  • Once it finishes downloading, you can start playing the game.
  • That’s it!

Hopefully, this article remains helpful for you and thanks for being with us. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If there is any query, share it with us in the comment section down below. Keep an eye out for future updates on the subject.