Google has announced an upcoming feature for Google Chrome on Android that enables boarding pass detection. A beta update of Chrome has added a new flag that enables you to access boarding pass information without manually searching for the boarding pass.

The Chrome Canary update uses Google’s predetermined list of airline URLs by checking an active tab. Once it detects the boarding pass, it automatically extracts and displays it to the user.

Google Chrome update adds a digital boarding pass detector.

The inefficiency of physical boarding passes and the benefits of digital ones are addressed with the Chrome Canary update that automatically adds boarding passes to Google Wallet for convenience.

It detects boarding pass data from airline URLs, with Google aiming to simplify the process and ensure compatibility with more airlines. It will extend beyond airlines to benefit bus, train, and monorail ticket holders by adding passes directly to Google Wallet.

Once the boarding pass detects QR codes and barcodes, things like the passenger’s name, flight number, and departure time become more accessible for users to manage their travel arrangements. However, you can manually enter or screenshot your boarding pass in Google Wallet.

Google Chrome Canary Update

Chrome 120 undergoes regular updates, with the latest allowing users to add generic passes to their wallet apps.

Google Chrome adds a boarding pass detector to Android
  • Open Chrome on Canary.
  • Go to Chrome://flags.
  • Now, enable the “Enable Boarding Pass detection on Android” flag.

Note: This feature is still in Chrome Canary Pre-Beta, and it is unclear when the Boarding Pass detector will be available for Android users.

To ensure it extracts the boarding pass detector, here is how this feature works:

  • URL matching to check the active tab via the list of predetermined airline URLs.
  • Boarding Pass Detection: Check the active tab for specific patterns or elements.
  • Information extractions like passenger name, flight number, departure gate, and QR code
  • Real-time updates to have the most accurate details.
  • Google Wallet integration for a centralized and convenient location to manage travel
  • Convenience, security, and environmental friendliness

Digital boarding passes are a more efficient solution.

This feature will be rolled out to Google Chrome in the coming weeks. Once made available to everyone, it will benefit users by saving them time, reducing the risk of missing flights, and making it easier for users to access boarding pass information.