Google Chrome is one of the major web browsers that breaks all records regarding active users. Although, such figures fluctuate as per user demand. Nevertheless, As per 2021 stats, Chrome has 3.2 billion users, much more than other competing browsers, including Safari, Opera, Firefox, and more.

Looking over such user figures, Google introduced a dedication to Chrome known as chrome flags. It works as a pre-testing of a feature that will be added soon in Chrome. So that if any discrepancy is found, you can share your valuable feedback with the chrome development team. So here, we will share a complete guide for the Chrome flag.

What are Chrome Flags, and How do you enable them?

Even though Google is quite transparent with its services, some users are unknown to their flag section. For this reason, Many users always ask for Chrome flags. Chrome Flags is nothing but a dedicated space where you can experience Chrome’s upcoming features. By default, the Chrome flag is disabled, which means you need to enable it.

If you remember, an earlier dark mode was not added to Chrome’s stable version. However, some users have already used such a feature. All thanks to chrome flags through which everything went smoothly. Moreover, if you want the same experience, follow the instructions below to enable flags in Chrome.

Note: Before Using Chrome flags, ensure there is a chance of losing browsing data and security. So keep that in mind before enabling flags in Chrome.

  • Visit Chrome flags Webpage.
  • Now you will see a list of available and unavailable features with their description.
  • After that, look for the feature you want to use early access.
  • Once found, Choose to enable the option associated with that feature name.
  • That is it, and You’re done with enabling flags in Chrome.

Similarly, if you like to disable any flag on Chrome, follow the exact instructions except choosing the disable option instead of enabling. So, your desired flag will be disabled on your device.

Top Chrome flags available to try

There is a long queue of available chrome flags that might be unavailable once they get stable. Before that, you can use it with the same procedure mentioned above. Currently, there are numerous flags, but on some unique basis, we have shortlisted some best flags you can try on your device.

Tint GL-Composed Content

Chrome is planning to give overlay support to Tint Composed Content using GL. Certainly, This flag is for Tint contents composited using GL with a shade of red to help debug and study overlay support. This flag is available on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android. So you must try such a flag before it is added to Chrome.

Experimental Web Platform features

As the name flickers, this flag is dedicated to web platforms. These are the features under the development stage. Because, While using different web platforms, we need more tweaks to enhance our productivity. For this reason, this experimental web platform feature can be beneficial. You can use this flag over Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android.

Show autofill signatures

In day-to-day concerns, the Signature filling is a task to opt for. So to make it easier, Chrome introduced a flag that auto-fills your signature whenever you want. However, it could be somewhere risky but much similar to an autofill password. So, you can easily enable this flag over different platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android.

Strict site isolation

This Chrome Flag reflects a Security mode that enables site isolation for all sites (SitePerProcess). Here, each renderer process will contain pages from at most one site, using out-of-process iframes when needed. Visit Chrome Process Internals to check the current isolation mode. If it is disabled, then enable to pursue this security-filled flag.

Update menu item custom summary

Now you can view a complete summary below the update menu. Presently, there is no such feature available. All thanks to Chrome flags, which allowed us to use such a feature. So, when you enable this flag, it will show a summary below the update menu. You can use this chrome flag over your Android device.

Besides that, many chrome flags are available to enable or disable. The above ones are found unique and somewhere helpful. So, it’s up to you which flag you want on your device. However, we have covered every essential aspect of the Chrome flag. If still, you have any queries, then feel free to ask them in the below section.