Apple updated their Apple Support App with a major update. Now the support app will show the cost of repairing an iPhone or iPad. Apple added a “Relevant Support option” for customers to describe their problem.

Your device should be updated to the latest Apple Support App v4.5. You can update it from the App store. Follow the following instructions mentioned down below, So without further ado let’s check it out.

Get an estimate for the most common iPhone and iPad repairs.

It is quite straightforward to check the price for the repair.

  • Launch the Apple Support app and then select the device.
    ‎Apple Support
    ‎Apple Support
    Download QR-Code
    Developer: Apple
    Price: Free
  • Next, select My Device.
  • From there, choose “Repair & Physical Damage.
  • Next, from the list, pick the component you’d like to add. (Some common repairs include cracked screens, cracked backs, or batters.)
  • That’s all!

Note: There is no pricing listed for the damage caused by liquid damage or an unexpected device not working.

How to Submit the Problem with the Apple Support App

  • When you launch the Apple Support app.
  • There will be a new option added with the name “Tell us what’s happening.
  • Tap on it, then on the box, to describe and categories your problem.
  • That’s it!

Currently, it is available in a selected location (currently in Ukraine) and is not likely to expand anytime soon. Not to mention, it just shows the rough price for the iPhone and iPad repairs, not the final price.

Hopefully, this article will remain helpful for you, and thanks for being with us. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.