Every smartphone comes with a Name, which defaults used to be a model name of your Android device. Meanwhile, if you want to change the name of your device, then today, we will guide you about “How you can change your device name.” Therefore, it is important to change the device name so everyone can recognize your device.

Change your phone name on Android.

It is quite easy, and you can change your android device name from the device settings. 

  • First thing first, open your device settings and then head over to the phone.
  • Now, click on your device name and then remove the default model number.
  • And type your preferable name which you want to replace.
  • That’s it. Confirm it and tap ok.

Hopefully, this helps you with changing the name of your android

device. Not to mention, the name will be reflected across your Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth settings, and where your device name is required.