Smart TVs and light bulbs are among the IoT (Internet of Things) products that have begun to proliferate.Where a lot of people start using it by replacing the regular bulb. However, it is a great move to make your house easier to control and easier to live in.

Many people, especially first-time users, might wonder if Smart Bulbs would be good for the outdoor scenario. Today we will be discussing the same so far.

Can Smart Bulbs be used Outdoors!

Yes, you are using smart bulbs outside, but ensure that you have protected the bulbs from the rain, snow, or else. However, you also need to ensure that your Smart Bulb should be placed in the range of your router or Smart hub.

Precaution while using Smart Bulb Outdoor

It is essential to ensure the protection of smart bulbs; here are some good ideas to be considered.

Lighting Fixture

There are several ways to use a smart bulb to protect the bulb from outdoor conditions like rain and snow. You can use a hanging lantern, post light, wall light, or, based on your preference, to help the bulb stay intact.

Try different Color Smart Light Bulb.

You can find different types of smart bulbs, and to choose the best one, you can opt for the LED types. It is considered to be best for both indoors and outdoors.

Consider Climate conditions

If you are using an LED bulb, you can use it as these don’t have any effects in cold weather conditions, even though it is good to use the lighting fixture to protect your smart bulb.

Stay connected with WiFi or Smart Hub.

To access and control it, your smart bulb should be within the range of your smart hub or WiFi. So before placing the bulb permanently, you should check the range because the building itself also affects the connectivity.