TV has become smart with the internet, but sometimes people wonder if they can use their TV without the internet. As with the internet, our TV has become a smart TV, so without the internet, our TV is really a smart TV.

Will a Smart TV work without internet connectivity

Yes, you can use your smart TV without WiFi or the Internet, but it can no longer run internet services like video streaming. Meanwhile, you can still use your cable box or antenna. Or else, you can use your DVD player or play some music.

Features of Smart TV

Smart TV continues to support previous TV support as you can still use cable and DVD players. The introduction of Smart TV and the support for online video streaming services brings a whole new library of TV shows and movies.

class="root-block-node" data-changed="false" data-paragraphid="7">Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime are some popular streaming platforms. Additionally, some additional features like voice functionality and assistants make our TV experience smoother.

Why I Should buy Smart TV

We are in the golden period of smart TV, where technology is evolving at its peak rate. According to reports, 32% of US household TVs are smart TVs, costing somewhere around $100. Smart TV pricing is decreasing, and with it, you can expect to see better technology at a lower price.

Additionally, if you own a PC or laptop, you can be connected using HDMI streaming add-ons like Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, etc. Through this, you can enjoy the online streaming service and even play video games.

Should I use Smart TV with the Internet?

You should use the internet with your smart TV to improve the experience, and smart TVs receive software updates. You can upgrade the firmware to patch bugs and optimise to enhance the performance of your smart TV.


Yes, you can use Smart TV without Internet connectivity, but you won’t use the internet apps.