Since Activision confirmed that they would launch their second popular title, “Warzone,” on mobile, the Esport industry has a long hype for it. If you remember, While announcing, Activision mentioned that the Upcoming CoD Warzone Mobile took some time and is more likely to launch in early 2023. And after that notification, a new update for the same arrived.

To proceed with the CoD Warzone Mobile launch, developers started pre-registration on Google Play Store. All Android users willing to wait for CoD Warzone Mobile can pre-register. So, below we will share all the relevant details for CoD Warzone Mobile Pre-registration, along with a few steps.

Everything About CoD Warzone Mobile| Pre-registration Guide & More

Everything About CoD Warzone Mobile| Pre-registration Guide & More

Whenever we look for CoD Warzone Mobile, the only thing blinking in our mind is its unique In-game items. However, Playing that title over PC is the best or the initial medium. But, Playing the same game over mobile can add more thrill. With that thought, Activision decided to offer the CoD Warzone Mobile.

How to Pre-Register Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile on Google PLay Store | Warzone 2.0

Unfortunately, CoD Warzone Mobile will not be released this year. But, pre-registration for Android devices has now started. So that Whenever the game is officially available, it will automatically be on the user’s device. Sadly, few users are unable to pre-register because they don’t know about the Pre-register process. So, follow the below steps to pre-register.

  • Begin with Opening Google Play Store.
  • Search for “CoD Warzone Mobile” and Tap on the first result.
  • As a result, You will be directed to the CoD Warzone Mobile Page.
  • Now look for the Green Colored Pre-register button.
  • Once found, Tap on the Pre-register button.
  • Next, Mark up the prompt asking to automatically install the game.
  • That’s it, and CoD Warzone Mobile will automatically install on your device whenever available.

Moreover, The upcoming CoD Warzone Mobile will feature 120 Player count matches and the same mechanism. But new operators, weapons, maps, shared battle passes, and cross-progression are the new things. Although CoD Warzone Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale, it includes few in-app purchases similar to the CoD Warzone PC version.

Luckily, developers have quoted some free rewards on their websites. The website says if CoD Warzone Mobile Global hit goes to 5M, pre-registered users will get DARK familiar and FOE’S FLAME as a free reward. Similar other commitment is given below as –

Everything About CoD Warzone Mobile| Pre-registration Guide & More

  • Global Hit up to 10M – PRINCE OF HELL
  • Global Hit up to 15M – ARCHFIEND
  • Global Hit up to 25M – Yet to reveal

As of now, we conclude the CoD Warzone Mobile is an upcoming Activision project launched somewhere in 2023. But the pre-registration for Android devices has started and for iOS is soon to be started. Also, the CoD Warzone Mobile is mostly similar to the PC version except for some new tweaks. So with that set, if anyone has a query, feel free to ask in the comment below.