Call of Duty mobile is one of the most popular games around The World and recently the Call of Duty Warzone and global popularity. Hence the game has recently received a new female character in the game of Modern Warfare and war zone. In that meantime, Activision has officially confirmed so let’s take a closer look toward and no more about it.

Starting with an announcement that activation has made that there is a new operator called Iskra and there is a new character called Farah army. The Primary classification of the character is to be a specialist in the campaign and will be added to the multiplayer and warzone.

“Iskra, an Urzikstani native, returns to Verdansk with the Chimera Faction to stop the growing Al-Qatala threat,” activations added “Available in a Store bundle, get Iskra alongside two new Legendary weapons that seamlessly provide a lethal loadout for Warzone and Multiplayer. Iskra’s bundle also includes the ‘Savagery’ helicopter vehicle skin, an Epic Finishing Move, and more for a total of ten items befitting a Tier One Operator.”

On the other hand, they were also going to at some new register save 24/7 featuring a shipment and shoot house in a team that match multiplayer mode. However, the game has been objectively based on game modes. Mean by the game also going to diploid demolition and 3va3 then gange mixed-mode intensive to fight with and type only.

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