As we all know, Call of duty has already launched many maps in the last seasons. Once again, Call of duty mobile may soon be getting the new map. It was uploaded by Activision today on twitter with the caption “if you know, you know”. The map will quite similar to Modern Warfare 2’s Rust. The new map will named “cage.” And it will smaller than the existing map of Nuketown.

The map will be available in the test server of the game which is only available to play in Singapore. Many youtube videos are suggesting that the new map is under development.

The map will assumed to launched in the season 3 update of the game, and the new update will also bring out new characters called FTL 1 and Phantom. And fortunately, Recently the season 3 logo also leaked.

The towers in both maps will look to be quite similar. Hence, the Rust multiplayer map may likely to arrive soon. We did not want to wait for more if Rust is coming to the game, then the Activision may release a public test build for the game.

The map of Rust comparatively the smaller one’s which initially released in Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2. But, the Rust map dropped down into the season 2.

But, In season 3 call of duty may release a new map which is quite similar to Rust (Modern warfare 2 ) but, Not the same as the Rust. It will include some new things.

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