After a week of the official launch of Call of duty Mobile beta for April, the patch note of season 6 has revealed and For which the players are able to download and install it on their devices but, before 21st April. The season 6 beta update has introduced new maps, modes, operator skills and much more. And Call of duty Mobile Season 6 Beta Version is only for android and around 1.9 GB of file size.

Call of Duty Season 6 Beta update patch Introduce –

• Capture the flag mode


is one of the Best legendary modes of COD. In this mode, the players have to protect the team’s gold while trying to capture the opponents gold to collect the points. The team having more gold wins the round, and the team who wins two rounds first will the winner of the match.

• Kill Confirmed Mode

COD introduce 5v5 multiplayer mode called the Kill Confirmed Mode is Now added into the game. The players will have to collect the dog-tags of the opponents to score after killing them and the first team to score 30 points will wins the game.

• 1 vs 1 Duel Mode

In this mode, you will be put against one opponent, and you will have to take him down to win points. It is available to play in Saloon Map only.
So, make sure you are playing in the saloon map.

• Saloon map

It is also a small-sized map featuring a Wild West Theme and designed especially for the 1 vs 1 mode of the game.

• New Operator Skill

The new operator skill called Annihilator has added to the game. Its ability is to kill the opponent in a single shot. It also has the aim-assist feature that makes it even more effective.

• Rust map

Rust Map is the smallest map in Call of Duty Mobile and was first introduced in Call of duty PC version. It is a rusty map, and its small size and helps you to do Higher Adventurous action. So, Above paragraphs are the different Updates added to the call of duty Season 6 Patch Notes.

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