Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular First-Person-Perspective Multiplayer games across the globe. Whereas the Season 3 of the game is likely to end soon, Season 4 is expected to launch imminently. Activision has officially released the Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 Public Test BETA.

There were many changes featured in the BETA Test/ Public Build, Which include the New Multiplayer map to its Classic Battle Royal mode. So, today we will share with you some of the details that you can expect in an upcoming version of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4. Without further ado, let’s check this out.

How to Download Call of Duty Season 4 Public Build – COD Mobile BETA

The BETA update is available for both iOS and Android.

Before that, you should know the Pre-Request and things you need to know before participating in the BETA update.


  • The Season 4 BETA begins from April 30th UTC.
    • BETA testing for this update will end TBD
  • Download Size 2GB, Wi-Fi/ Stable Connectivity Recommended
  • BETA Testing is not unlimited. Only 30,000 – 40,000 allowed.
  • The game is suited for above 16+ Players.

Download Call of Duty Mobile BETA – Public Build

Downloadable via APK here:

   Call of Duty: Mobile (64 bit)

   Call of Duty: Mobile (32 bit)

Downloadable via Test Flight on iOS

   Call of Duty: Mobile (iOS/iPadOS)

  • Download the APK Package using above mention Download Button.
    • Download Package according to your device compatibility.
  • Then, Locate the COD Beta installer and then click to install.
  • Once it installs, Open the Game, and it will start the download and install the update on your device.
  • Now, login and Enjoy the game.
    • Not to mention, During BETA Stage, your Progress will not be saved.

What’s New Coming to COD Mobile Season 4

There are many changes that will be debuted. Here are the important things that you can expect from the upcoming update.

Dome Map

This Map was finally debuting in Mobile Version. It was first introduced with Modern Warfare 3. This was an abandoned NATO outpost in COD Lore, most likely, and this will be featured under Domination and Search & Destroy Mode.

K9 Unit Operation Skill

This will be available for Multiplayer mode, while in the PC version, it used to be in BR Mode. Here it was a military dog that finds and attack the enemy itself. This will be reported later in Season 4; hence, we have not found this skill within the Public BETA.

Hawk X3 Scorestreak

This is a manual control flight with a machine gun likely to be added as Scorestreak, but it doesn’t include it in Public BETA testing.

Gung-Ho Perk

This new perk will help you with the hip-fire weapon and allow players to throw grenades while sprinting. This will be awesome as such to be featured in the perk.

Time Traveler

This new class will be added to BR mode, we don’t know much about it yet, but we can’t wait to see it in the upcoming update. It was reportedly a glitch in the test build as Operation skill, Scorestreak, and perk were not mentioned in the Public BETA.

Gift Center

Now your in-game will be appear on dedicated Gift-center, there aren’t any details shared about it. Despite XP Card, what gifts we will receive.

Hopefully, this guide gives you some idea about the game. There will be more, but we don’t have any official details such as minor changes in Weapon Balance and more.