Recently, Epic Games Store launched a new game claiming the first NFT game over the platform. You heard right; Blankos Block Party initially launched in December 2020 and is now featured on Epic Games Store. However, Blanks Block Party is not a new game dealing with such money-related terms. The same concept is driven by numerous industry-based games.

But, if you remember, NFT is that favourable asset that creates unique digital collectables. And In the going trend with new releases. There may not be any game featured on the most prominent platform, “Epic Games Store”. Luckily, Blankos Block Party is done and added to Epic Game Store’s Frame. So, let’s take a deep look at it.

Epic Games Store got its First NFT Game – Blankos Block Party

While reading this article, you all are somewhat confused about how Blankos Block Party became the first NFT game over Epic Games Store. Following that, You are also looking at “What is Blankos Block Party ” So, Starting with the Initials, Blankos Block Party is a 2020’s Multiplayer online game developed by Third Kind Games.

Since the launch, the game has received decent responses, especially for open world experience, Sandbox Creator mode and other things. At that moment, the game was only available for Windows and Macintosh OS. Subsequently, Blankos Block Party is a game that fulfils all gamer’s desires. It got more fame when it introduced the NFT concept.

All thanks to Burberry, Amazon and other prominent brands who teamed up with Blankos Block Party to release their limited collections as NFTs. Further, In June, it came out that Epic Games Store will invite Blankos Block Party. Later, In October 2021, CEO Tim Sweeney tweeted and confirmed the arrival of blockchain games.

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However, Axie Infinity is on the same line, but Blankos Block Party’s special thing is that it offers the chance to earn lucrative rewards, and NFT collectables make it different. More likely, Blankos huge user base (Remember this game got 1 million play during early access) and NFT Market place are the only reasons Epic Games Store chose Blankos Block Party to Uplift.

How to download Blankos Block Party?

Mythical Inc is the one that allows you to get Blankos Block Party using Epic Games Store. Downloading such NFT games is quite easy to pursue. Even if you are struggling to download, then follow up the below instructions to do so.

  • Simply visit Blankos Block Party Epic Games Page.
  • Look for the Get button and Click on it.
  • After that, log in/Sign up with Epic Games Account.
  • Once done, Place your Order and Confirm it.
  • Following this, Blankos Block Party will be added to your library.
  • Next, Download and Install it to your Windows/Mac.
  • That’s it; you are ready to play Blankos Block Party.

Collectively, If you have somewhere interest in NFT and blockchain gaming. Then, Blankos Block Party can be the better choice. So follow up the above guide and grab the top NFT game on your Windows/Mac PC. And if any user has a query with the same, then feel free to ask in the comment below.