Suppose you are looking for screen recording software that works on your Windows and is available for free. Today in this article, we will share some of the top screen recording software available for Windows.


Simple screen-recording user-interface software comes in handy if you require casual screen recording. Especially for scenarios where you want to use screen recording in work projects, Sharing with friends, or for the Tutorial but with a simple framework.

It allows you to record your camera and screen both at the same time. After registering, it opens the Loom profile on your browser for further enhancements based on your subscription plan. Once satisfied with the results, you can share or download them for other use.

   Download Loom – Free Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder

This is another simple and excellent recording app; it can record videos with a resolution of up to 4K. Don’t worry; it doesn’t take many system resources. Likewise, it has more features like area selection of what users want to record, more to use, and minimalistic interface users can start recording by clicking on the record button.

It’s excellent for making tutorial videos, highlighting areas it had pens, Screenshot functions at the same time, and more. Once you start recording, you can save or cut it; however, you need to buy the premium version to remove the watermark.

   Screen Recorder for Perfect Captures – Movavi


One of the most powerful screen recorder software comes with an advanced video editor to get the best results. Like Movavi, it also allows you to select the area you want to record. Once you set hit recording, and to stop recording, press F10 to stop recording.

Great for capturing gaming sessions, including tutorials if you want to make them. After the recording is finished, it will open a Video Editor for further improvements; as we mentioned, it has an advnace video editor. Where it allows adding animation, Cursor effects, and a ton of features. Camtasia comes for free for a 16-days trial and requires unlocking the premium feature once it expires.

   Camtasia Screen Recorder, Video Editor

Icecream Screen Recorder

Great for recording how-to videos and capturing gaming sessions, it packed a decent number of features like selecting areas before recording, drawing while recording, Webcam support, and more. It doesn’t have a Video editor, but you can use a third party to edit videos and share them with your audience. This app is free forever but with a watermark on the bottom-right corner; however, to remove the watermark, you can upgrade the plan.


Record Screen for Free – Icecream Apps


One of the well-known Screenrecorder comes with advanced functionality, which designs for everyone and packed everything mentioned above with software. It also allows for external video devices like Web-cam, Xbox, and Playstation and uses fewer resources than other industry stands. Due to its advanced functionality, it only limits to 10 Minutes per recording for free, and you need to unlock the paywall to record further.

   Free Screen Recorder – Bandicam