If you are looking to buy TWS Earbuds under Rs 2000, we will share the best earbuds that you can get.We will help you find the best TWS for your budget, and during festival season, you may get this for a heavily discounted price.

The New Year’s and Christmas sales are about to kick off anytime soon. Before it goes live, it’s important to have a better idea of what you have to keep an eye on. So without further ado, let’s get into this video.

Redmi Buds 3 Lite

Best Bluetooth Earbuds to Buy in India Under Rs 2000 | Budget Wireless Earbuds

This will set you back approximately Rs 1675, It has a bullet design, which is going to fit well in your ears. The overall balance is slim, compact, and built. When it comes to connectivity, it lags behind Realme and BoAt because it supports Bluetooth 5.2, which is a same as on other devices. However, it has automatic connectivity functionality.

You have to get used to the touch gesture in order to perform certain actions. It doesn’t even have the “play previous song” functionality with the touch gesture.

This has excellent sound quality, Bluetooth clarity, and a pleasant amount of noise.For some reason, Redmi doesn’t offer you a charging cable, but at least it supports USB Type-C, which is quite normal to have around. It uses a 6mm driver (higher is better), which doesn’t make sense at this price.

Realme Buds Q2 Neo

Best Bluetooth Earbuds to Buy in India Under Rs 2000 | Budget Wireless Earbuds

This is available for Rs 1399, It has a similar design language to the Redmi Buds 3. It doesn’t have a great build quality. attract so many scratches, and either magnet isn’t strong enough to hold the closed case. You may find it gets opened accidentally.

Realme offers you Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, which automatically connects you to your nearby device. Touch Guesture does offer support, but it’s not as great as Boat. Try the Realme Link app for the best experience, as it allows you to adjust the sound effect and tweak the touch controls.

Likewise, it has good sound clarity, but there is a bit of noise. Support for Micro USB is one of the features that Realme lacks. There are 10mm drivers with a good base and good sound quality.

‎BoAt Airdopes 408

Best Bluetooth Earbuds to Buy in India Under Rs 2000 | Budget Wireless Earbuds

The price of this earbud is Rs 1999, If you are more comfortable with the stand design, it fits great on most ears. When it comes to building quality boats, we offer you a heavy and large case that is not only uncomfortable to hold or carry, but also not cheap.

It uses Bluetooth 5.2, making it faster than the Redmi Buds 3 Lite. Touch-sensitivity is significantly better than another competitor on this list. which allow you to swing between songs by pressing play, pause, next, previous, or using Google Assistant.

When it comes to call handling with Bluetooth, it does have great call quality with noise supression which isn’t a major difference compared to the other two in this list. It has four LEDs to let the user know about battery status, and it supports USB Type-C when bundled with a cable. The company uses a 10 nm driver, and it offers a great music experience with instrument separation and balanced bass.