The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44mm was first launched last year at a price of Rs 26,999, and it is currently available for an enhanced price of Rs 8,999. It comes with WearOS and is a strong competitor in the market of smartwatches under Rs 10,000. However, what makes it special compared to other options in this price range?

  • OnePlus Watch 
  • Mi Revolve Active 
  • Amazfit GTR 3 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a weight of approximately 30 grams and is built using Armor Aluminum. It is 5ATM + IP68, MIL-STD-810G certified and features a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 450x450p, protected by Gorilla Glass DX+. It is equipped with various sensors including NFC, A-GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo, and has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. It is powered by a 361mAh battery.

When compared to its competition, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers similar features such as an AMOLED display and Gorilla Glass DX+ protection. However, it stands out as the lightest among them and also includes NFC functionality.

Why is there no competition for the Galaxy Watch 4?

Upon first glance, it may seem like there is competition for the Galaxy Watch 4, but upon closer examination, it becomes clear that it is a true smartwatch while others in this price range are merely fitness bands designed to look like smartwatches. The competition in this price range typically uses a custom operating system, which is acceptable, but it is limited in comparison to what the Galaxy Watch 4 offers.

  • Limited app 
  • No Play Store 
  • No Third-Party Apps 
  • No Google Assistant 
  • No Updates 
  • Notification Unactionable 

The Galaxy Watch 4 offers a wide range of features that make it a well-rounded smartwatch, while others in this price range are limited and may not be fully functional. WearOS on the Galaxy Watch 4 allows for interactive notifications, voice typing, and the ability to download apps from the Play Store. It also includes maps, music, and the ability to use Google Assistant. In addition, it has call support with a dialer app, allowing for direct calls to be made from the watch itself.


The Galaxy Watch 4 has also received updates and Samsung has promised to provide 4 years of updates for it. This means that even if you purchase it today, you will have 3 years of updates remaining, which will definitely bring additional features. There are many more capabilities with WearOS that you don’t get with non-smart custom operating systems. As for performance, the Galaxy Watch 4 is highly efficient and reliable.


The performance of the Galaxy Watch 4 is excellent, as it is powered by a Dual Core 1.18GHZ Exynos W920 processor paired with 16GB of storage and 1.5GB of RAM. There have been no major issues with its performance and it is truly impressive. In terms of fitness tracking, it is definitely ahead of the competition.

Fitness Sensor 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, barometer, bio active sensor (heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen), bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor, and ambient light sensor.

The Bio-Active sensor, which is missing from all devices under Rs 10,000, allows for monitoring of heart rate, checking of blood oxygen levels, and even blood pressure measurement. This makes the Galaxy Watch 4 ahead of the competition in terms of fitness tracking. The BIA sensor is also impressive as it allows for body composition measurement. Overall, the range of sensors on the Galaxy Watch 4 makes it a highly capable device for tracking and monitoring various aspects of health and fitness.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is quite accurate and features automatic workout detection, as well as support for Google Fit. Its own health app is also highly effective. When considering all of these features, it becomes clear that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a very good smartwatch for its price.

Extra Feature 

At this price point, the design of the Galaxy Watch 4 is premium and durable. The display is highly readable and supports auto-brightness, as well as raise to wake and tap to wake functions. It also has Always-on-display support. Overall, the design and display of the Galaxy Watch 4 are excellent and contribute to its value as a smartwatch.

One Compromise 

There is one compromise with the Galaxy Watch 4: it has a battery life similar to that of the Apple Watch and other Galaxy Watches, lasting for about a day due to the many tasks it can perform. This is in contrast to other devices in this price range, which are limited to functioning as fitness bands and thus have longer battery life.

Ultimately, you are getting a premium WearOS Samsung watch at Rs 9,000, which is an excellent deal. This is a rare opportunity and should be taken advantage of while stock lasts. We hope that other manufacturers will also try to build true smartwatches or make them more affordable in this price range, rather than simply creating fitness band-watches.