Similar to Google, Microsoft is the biggest and most competitive tech giant for segment companies. As
the major things start with PC not smartphones. For so, Microsoft has a dedicated store to offer quality
applications to their Windows users. And, Microsoft has such a bunch of appreciable applications.

Moreover, To decide the best applications for Microsoft Store. The officials have started voting from
users for nominating the best apps. Luckily, the votes have now closed with an amazing result. So, with
this guide, we will let you know the major apps that won Microsoft Store Awards.

Best Apps To Download From Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store has a wide reach all over the globe. Likewise, it deals in several categorized things
like Utility and File management. However, No doubt the finalist are decided through the whole world’s
user experience. Meanwhile, there are no hidden things behind the results. So, without any further
discussion let’s take a look at it.

Utility Category

The Utility category mainly run up with Fluent Screen Recorder which is a XAML-UWP-based app that
lets the user record their screen with easy navigation. But, there are some finalists who with this
associated winner given as Fast, Fluent Screen Recorder, WiFi Analyze, MyASUS, Visum PhotoViewer,
Screenbits, ShareX, Speedtest and Torrex Lite

File Management Category

In this genre, there are two applications from Microsoft Store that won the award Files and Rufus. Files
is a UWP and the best alternative to File explorer. And, Rufus was designed for creating bootable
installation media for Windows. Alongside, there are some finalists that you should know given as 8zip
and more.

Open Project Category

In this category, the applications are useful because they are open source and did not require any
purchase aspect. In this category, there are three winners such as Auto Dark Mode, EarTrumpet and
Modern Flyouts. Auto Dark Mode allows automatic enable dark mode. And, EarTrumpet is a volume
mixer tool. And, that Modern Flyouts allows changing little pops like Volume and others.

Editor’s Choice Category

This Category includes the Applications used and recommended by top professionals. Which six winners
were awarded for their specific abilities. These are Disney+, Spotify, Canva, Wondershare Filmora, Liquid
Text and Discord.

Conclusively, These are the best applications derived from Microsoft Store. So, that you can pick the
best app in your desired category. However, These are based on global user experience which means it
could be dynamic as the time passes.