Advertisements is an AI-powered tool that allows users to remove the background from their photos automatically. It is an excellent example of how AI is shaping the future of image editing. makes adding filters and customizing photos easy, especially compared to similar applications.

However, finding a reliable option when it comes to background removal app can be challenging. This is where stands out, providing high-quality output without watermarks and offering reasonable in-app purchases. Despite its unique features, many users need to be made aware of this background-removal service. In this guide, we will show you how to use it effectively.

Which app is best for removing the background from an image? is a background-removing service available on various platforms, including the App Store and Google Play Store. It offers a reliable service for removing backgrounds. However, remember that is an AI-based tool that works best when the object is well-defined and unambiguous.

On the other hand, some users and even developers may face difficulties removing the background from images of cats. While uses AI technology, it may only sometimes provide a perfect cut-out that can be seamlessly used in another place. Despite this limitation, remains a highly regarded and affordable application for background removal.

Installation procedure is a free-to-use application that can be found in your dedicated application store. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store, while Apple users can find it in the App Store. Alternatively, Android users can also download it directly from the website. For a quick overview, refer to the download links provided below.

‎ (Remove Background) (Remove Background)
Developer: PixelBin
Price: Free

Background: Removal Procedure

The tool was initially developed by Shopsense Retail Technologies for e-commerce partners to boost their productivity. Later on, the developers expanded their application reach to the general public. Anyone can easily remove the background from a photo using Below, we share some instructions on removing the background from a photo.

Note: The application supports images up to 5000×5000 pixels. So, use an image within this pixel range to avoid any difficulties removing the background.

  • First, download from the provided link.
  • Install the downloaded app on your device.
  • Once installed, open and grant your camera and media access.
  • Tap the “Upload Image” option to select the image from which you want to remove the background.
  • The app’s AI system will automatically start removing the background.
  • Add pre-installed background colors, textures, or images to your cut-out.
  • After that, tap the download button to save the image in PNG format.
  • That is it! You can now use to remove backgrounds from your images.

Besides removing the background, offers other editing tools to enhance your images. However, please note that the output will be saved only in PNG format, which allows for a transparent background and facilitates further editing. is a reliable application that can remove your photo background in just 5 seconds.