There is a wide variety of Android customization options available to you if your OEM does not provide the latest Android version. Rome is an advanced and fairly mature operating system that is not only equipped with dark mode but also with features such as Reply Suggestion, Digital Wellbeing, DND, and many more. Despite, by changing the custom ROM, you can experience the ROM to enhance productivity, we are going to share a bit of knowledge with you today on “How to install custom ROM in 2021.”


  • Bootloader unlocking
  • Recovering on your own
  • Smartphone with Android operating system
  • Using Gapps
  • Modified ROM

Custom ROMs to download

In order to begin installing the custom ROM, you need to download it. If your device is supported, you should download a custom ROM. The GApps need to be downloaded once

the package has been downloaded. To ensure that the GApps are always accessible, save them to your SD card, internal storage or flash drive. Furthermore, remember that the package is not extracted.

Start the device in recovery mode

If you want to boot the device into recovery, you must install TWRP recovery. You can download TWRP recovery for your device by going to the TWRP recovery page. Install TWRP on your device by enabling the TWRP Recovery system and enabling USB Debugging. Once your device has entered fastboot mode, restart your device.

Even so, you can boot into recovery by choosing either Reboot or Power Off and then pressing the Volume Up/Power Down buttons. Additionally, you must save the TWRP recovery to your PC before connecting your device to your PC. Open the CMD window (Enter the location of the TWRP file) and run Fastboot boot. Your TWRP Recovery will then be successfully installed after clicking enter. Your device will then display the TWRP menu.

Data backup is a must

It is not possible to restore your device if you don’t have a complete backup. Having a backup ensures you can potentially get the data back if anything ever went wrong. Backup your data by going to Backup > Select (Check the Boot, System, Data) and clicking Swipe to backup. Lastly, click the button for appending the date.

When installing the custom ROM, it is mandatory to clear all device data.

EaA custom ROM must be installed after wiping any previous versions of the stock ROM and custom ROM. To use TWRP, you just have to open it after installing it. If you want to wipe, click on Advanced Wipe > Check all selection and then swipe. You will no longer have stock or custom ROMs on your device after it has cleared all the data.

GApps are required for custom ROMs.

Many custom ROMs do not come pre-loaded with GAPPs, therefore, GApps must be installed before installing the ROM. By choosing Install > Select Custom ROM package, you can install Custom Rom. You can now add more zip files by clicking Add more Zips and choosing the GApps package. Installs custom ROM and GApps after you swipe to install.

Depending on the installation file, it may take between five and six minutes. After you have clicked on Reboot at the end, you will see that your Custom ROM is successfully installed on your device. Hopefully this article will give you some insight into how to install custom software on your mobile device in 2021. Other methods for flashing a custom application exist, based on the device. For example, the root tool kit for the Nexus devices, Samsung devices, and Sony devices differ.