Halo Infinite has officially announced for Xbox Series X|S, 343 industry announced there the first phase of BETA. The game is to be a Free-To-Play multiplayer game that will be available on both console and PC players. Beta Testing (Flight time) expected to begin later this year.

If you are wondering how you can sign-up for the Halo Infinite BETA then today in this article we will be sharing the complete guide to register you for early access participation.


  • You should be aged above 18+
  • Agree to Confidentiality statement (You are not allowed to shared the survey, Screenshots, game, your ID, Video or anything from Halo Insider)
  • Email to receive the Insider information.

How to Sign up for Halo Infinite Beta Tests

Once, you are aware of the

flight test and want to agree with test the game to share valuable feedback, opinion, or improvements to the developers then here is the guide to check to do so.

   Register on Halo Insider

  • Open Halo Insider Website
  • Click on Signup, Continue with your Microsoft/ Xbox for PC and Console respectively.
  • Confirm your action to allow Halo Waypoint to access your Xbox personal details
  • Next, confirm you are 18+ and agree to Hallo Insider Program confidential program.
  • Choose to Join the Program, and then submit your Preferred email, location, time zone, and Halo Experience.
  • Click on Continue and again click yes for the Flight
  • After that, verify your Xbox ownership and PC for Beta Setup
  • Continue with your system configuration with DirectX Diagnostic.
  • Additionally, you can link your Steam account
  •   For this click on Link Steam account and continue with your Steam account.
  • Click Continue and then choose the preferable time for Flight
  • That’s it, Select Complete Signup and then you are expected to receive an email from Halo Insider to verify your Email.

Now, you have to wait for the BETA Testing phase keep an eye over your email to receive the Insider matter. We believe that this article remains helpful for you and have successfully able to register yourself with Halo Infinity BETA. If there is any query share with us in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for further updates in future on the same.