Over the past few years, AI has become ubiquitous in everyday life, to the point where it is now a necessity for computer users rather than a premium tool. This is because people today want convenience, which AI can only provide. After all, AI can think like a human. For example, you have surely heard of ChatGPT, a major name in the field. But did you know that your ordinary note-taking process can also be improved with AI?

Looking at the current market, you will find plenty of note-taking apps, ranging from Google Keep to Notion AI. But have you ever seen a note-taking app that writes using your voice only? Not only that but today, we have a note-taking app that can take notes using your voice and write them in different styles. However, a relatively small number of users know about this app. I am talking about “AudioPen.” So let us discuss what we can do with it.

What is AudioPen, and how can it convert voice into notes?

There are numerous developers across the globe, but only some support their family businesses and their developments. Louis Pereira is one of these individuals. He is a decent developer since some of his developments are catching on. This is because they all focus on specific needs, such as Nichless, Need Something Great, Focus 25, and many more. Do you know the secret behind these developments? The simple answer is research. Louis usually researches and subsequently creates such products.

Among the different developments, AudioPen is an example of one that, in early 2023, was known for a record-breaking user base in just 11 hours after its release. Here, Louis thought of an easy note-making tool where he uses the OpenAI API in his AudioPen to convert voice into text. Additionally, here you will get complimentary things such as multiple writing styles and language support so that even a person who does not know English but wants to write notes in English can do this with an AudioPen. You will be glad that they recently received a writing style library.

Now, let’s get to what exactly AudioPen is and its features. You might be wondering how to use such an AI tool. So, for this, I will let you know that AudioPen has no native app, but you can download its web app and add it as an extension to Chrome. Apart from that, you can use AudioPen for free or go for a premium plan. With the free plan, you will get access to record 3 minutes of voice notes at a time, with a limit of 10 notes. While on the premium plan, which starts at $60 per year or $120 for a lifetime pass, you can record 15 minutes of voice notes with unlimited note-making.

Moreover, with AudioPen, you can create easy summaries of your transcribed notes for better ease. Not only that, but you can select a few topics and make super-short summary notes. However, free users must edit their transcribed notes, whereas premium users can get the same thing automatically. Meanwhile, it’s a great development for Louis to land over it. But here, a question arises: Which instructions should be followed to use it and convert voice into notes? So, don’t worry; we are sharing some steps to help you with it below.

  1. Visit on your device.
  2. From there, sign up with your respective account.
  3. You will see a microphone icon on your screen when the sign-up is finished.
  4. Now tap on that mic and record your voice. That needs to be a note.
  5. Once finished, tap on the stop button appearing on the screen.
  6. Following this, the next moment, you will see your recorded voice appear as a note on the screen.
  7. That is all. You are done.

Besides that, AudioPen has more things to explore, like becoming an affiliate for AudioPen and earning up to 35% commission on every sale. Also, you can gift AudioPen Prime to anyone and ask any query from the same page. Meanwhile, it’s a decent tool from Louis, who is ruling the industry. This is not the first time Louis has done such a thing. As you know, he has already created some developments that are helping users a lot. As of now, these are the details about AudioPen. Let’s see what more Louis is ready to implement here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does AudioPen work?

Ans. It uses Open AI’s model to recognise voice and turn them into text.

Q2. What is an audio pen?

Ans. An AI tool that transcribed voice into written notes.

Q3. What is the technology behind reading pen?

Ans. It works on OCR Technology (Optical Character Recognition).

Q4. What is a pen mic?

Ans. This is not a new thing, but simply a Mic in the shape of Pencil.