Apple is preparing for there upcoming flagship and competitive smartphone, the iPhone 12 series. This includes the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro max. Apple iPhone 12 series comes with lots of New features and the latest technology.  Wherever you go, the device seems to be some promising spec sheet and performance improvement.

According to reports, Apple iPhone 12 Pro max featuring a pipeline with light detection and a range of sensors also known as LiDAR sensor. Where it is used to build in the Rear-mounted Triple camera sensor accomplished by Ultra-wide angle lense and Telephone lens. As far as it is concerned, the camera video recorder is going to be enhanced with the help of Shift image stabilization.

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Furthermore, the device will run on Apple’s in-house operating system as they will introduce the latest iOS 14. Meanwhile, Which brings more features and optimization to the device alongside the existing device updated with an iOS 13.

There was some renders surface on the website suggest the device to be offering a Quad rear camera with an LED flashlight. We believe Apple was going to use the LiDAR sensor for AR (Augmented reality) experience. Even they were pushing it further with a compatibility LiDAR sensor.

Most likely, the LiDAR sensor used to measure the distance of surrounding with the help of laser light. Moreover, the sensor on the device could more beneficial to build an AR model and enable the 3D sensing to the iPhone 12 series. Some reports even suggest the device included a more impoverished and better depth sensor.

The LiDAR sensor also to be handy with the Find MY ans Apple Maps as the part of there Ecosystem. Not to mention, the features were part of the iOS 14 across the upcoming Apple device. Furthermore, Apple also designing its AR glasses, which are expected to be unveiled in 2022.

Apple planned there iPhone launch event in September, but they would re-scheduled due to the global outbreak of coronavirus.

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