Activision begins to test the upcoming season for the Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 2022, where it brings new weapons, Maps and Unique cosmetics. Before the release of the game, we already know some of the key in-game content, including JAK-12 (Shotgun), the Kilo-141 (AR), PPSH-47 (SMG) and more things.

Since there is no official patch note for the update, we can’t commit it would officially appear in the Season 1 of Call Of Duty Mobile. So please take it as a pinch of salt. Also, we have shared the early build of the game’s CoD Mobile S1 2022 Apk package to install on your Android device; without further ado, let’s check it out.

CoD Mobile Season 1 2022 Release date.

There is no official date announced yet, but this season will end on Thursday, January 13th, so CoD Mobile S1 2022 is likely to begin onward.

What’s New in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 2022.

As always, the game introduces some new weapons and Maps from the CoD Franchises. Similarly, there is some new in-game content to experience.

Kilo 141

This new assault rifle from Modern Warfare 2019 is a fast-firing gun with Burst-fire mode functionality. It was likely to be available on all Maps with the full set of attachments.


This comes from a Black Ops Cold War, a common SMG available in various CoD Tittles. However, there is no official confirmation so take it as a pinch of salt.

New Map

According to Chinese Test Build Reports, there could be three new caps named Hacienda, Hardhat, Chinese Nuketown.

New Scorestreak

  • Chopper Gunner

Download Call Of Duty Season 1 2022 Beta Update

It is a quite straightforward way to download and install CoD Mobile Season 01 2022; check out the following instructions below.


  • This Beta weights ~600MB
  • Player Limit for the Public Test: 30,000
  • Age: 16+ content Suited
  • Enable Unknown Source Installation from the device settings.
  • Stable Internet connectivity to avoid package loss during installation.

How to Download and Install Call Of Duty Season 1 2022 Public Beta (Test Build)

You can download the apk package from the download button mentioned down below. Here are the following instructions mentioned down below.
COD Mobile Season 1 2022 APK download link (64-bit)

COD Mobile Season 1 2022 APK download link (32-bit)

  • First download the CoD Mobile Season 1 2022 APK Package.
  • Next, Tap on it to start the installation.
  • Once it finishes the installation, Open the game to download the additional resource file.
  • Next, you have to log in and continue with the game.
  • That’s it!

Note: Game Progress won’t be carried forward to the stable update, and you might experience stability issues including battery drain, Freeze, or game might seem completely different from the COD Mobile Stable Update.