Bing is one of the best search engines Microsoft has ever introduced or acquired. However, following Google’s entry into global markets, many other competitive search engines saw their profile dwindle. However, Bing is the only one attempting to reclaim the same fame.

More precisely, their homepage features some intriguing Quizzes. As a result, the number of viewers or users increased significantly. That is to say, the addition of Quiz to the homepage is novel. To learn more about it, we’ll discuss Microsoft’s Bing Introduced a Quiz on Their Homepage in this article: overall increased engagement.

Bing, a service of Microsoft, includes a quiz on its homepage: Are You Aware of Why?

As previously stated, Bing is one of the most effective search engines in its segment. However, following Google’s entry, many of the competing search engines lost their profiles.


Bing devised an innovative strategy for increasing traffic to its search engine and increasing its popularity. And, more importantly, it increased overall traffic by 70% because the addition of quizzes enables viewers to increase their knowledge through quizzes.

   bing homepage quiz – Bing Fun

Additionally, Bing is a sub-brand of the well-known Microsoft, and they decided to launch this innovative search engine style after conducting extensive research. Additionally, they intend to improve the appearance and layout of their search engine in the future.

That means Bing will almost certainly gain more popularity than other search engines, excluding Google, because Google is still the best search engine and has built an empire around Android. However, it will be interesting to see how other search engines respond to Bing’s Quiz innovation. Therefore, to learn more about Bing Updates, keep in touch with us to receive accurate and reliable information.