Last November, Amazon announced their free AWS Skill builder offering online learning last year. Now Amazon is monetizing the cloud computing course with a monthly subscription mode with some more services and features.

Features such as Builder lab, a practical guided experience, and Sandboxed AWS account for the practice. However, enrolling in the AWS Skill builder comes in two different packages apart Free Digital learning, Individual Subscription, and Team Subscription.

Individual Subscription is priced at $29/mo, $299/ ann. On the other hand, Team Subscription comes with a $499/annum since it primarily focuses on enterprise features like assigned training, progress report, and SSO integrations.

Amazon Web Services Launches New Cloud Computing Training Courses
Courtesy: AWS

Top Tech-giants like Google also offer similar courses for free, called Google Cloud Skill, to boost developers’ and companies’ ecosystems. Reportedly, More than 40 Million people use Google’s cloud platform. Amazon’s package offers exam prep courses, three AWS Certification practice exams, and 100 AWS builder labs.

Training more than 40 million new people on Google Cloud skills
Courtesy: Google Cloud

Amazon’s AWS Skill builder is accessible across 200 countries and territories, and team subscription is available in 13 countries. Amazon aimed to educate 29 Million people by the end of 2025.