Amazon Prime Video is a premium video play platform running by Amazon where we can watch movies or shows of our choice. Originally known as Amazon Unbox, it was launched in 2006; then, according to the demand of the people, Prime Video subscription came in. Furthermore, on seeing this company took its service to 200 countries.

Although this is an achievement for Amazon Prime Video, it is also disappointing for some users because Amazon Prime Video has put regional restrictions on its content to protect copyright and distribution rights. For which users want to change their country and are looking for an easy procedure for the same, So let us know.

How do I change my country to Amazon Prime?

We all know that Amazon Prime Video has put location restrictions to protect the different rights of the content. You will also know that Amazon provides you content based on location and address saved in your account, Which means you are from India. The billing address in your Amazon account is also from India, so you can only see the content provided to Indian users.

So in such a situation, you have only one option to bypass your geolocation and watch the content of your favorite country. The VPN is the only support that will help you change the location and connect to another country’s server. We are writing some instructions related to this below so that you can change your location.

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Courtesy: NordVPN

Note: Here, we have taken NordVPN as a reference; you can use any other VPN. Even after changing VPN, if you can’t access other countries’ content, change your amazon account country through the second headline.

  • , Download and Install NordVPN.
  • After Install, Open the NordVPN App.
  • Look for the server of the country whose content you want to access.
  • Once found, Tap on the Server Name.
  • Now, You will see the complete page of that country’s server.
  • Tap on Connect button to proceed.
  • That’s it, and You’re now ready to access Amazon Prime Video and other countries’ content.

How do I change my Amazon Prime location without VPN?

How do I change the region in amazon prime video without VPN?
Courtesy: Amazon

Suppose you want to access Amazon Prime Video Content from other Countries without any VPN. Then, it is also possible to do. You must know that whatever country you choose in your Amazon account, Amazon shows you content on the same basis.

But changing the country is not as easy as is verified by Amazon. You can do one thing if you want to see Amazon Prime Video’s US content. You can update your country address by giving the address of any hotel there. So below, we are giving some instructions so you can easily update the country of your Amazon account.

  • Simply log in to your Amazon Account.
  • Then, Head to Accounts & lists >> Your Content and Devices.
  • Now, Select Preference Tab and Find Country Settings.
  • Once found, Select the Change Settings option.
  • Fill up the country’s address and the content you want to access.
  • After that, Tap on the Update button.
  • That’s it, and You’re done with Accessing Prime Video and Other countries’ content without any VPN.

After this, you must remember that whenever you shop from Amazon, first change that address, or else your goods will be shipped to the same address. Apart from that, Everything is fine so that you access other countries’ Amazon Prime Video Content.

Why are some videos unavailable on Amazon Prime?

It must have happened to you many times that you must be trying to play your favorite show or movie on Amazon Prime Video. But that video is doing an unavailable show. Which means you cannot access that content. One reason for this could be that the show is not on Amazon Prime Video at that time, so you have to wait.

Another reason is that the show is for another country, so if you want, you can change your country by the above methods to another country. So that, You can watch All other content that is not available in your country but can be accessed in other countries.

Amazon Prime Video is an excellent option for watching your favorite movies and shows. And by this guide of ours, you can now watch those shows and movies unavailable in your country. By the way, we have made all the things clear, then if anyone wants to ask something, he can ask in the comment section given below.