Alexa Introduced Mimic Feature To Talk With Dead Relatives

Amazon’s Personal Assistant “Alexa” has derived a new feature that mimics the voices of your relatives
or loved ones. It just an experiment was done with the help of Artificial Intelligence to always live the
memories of loved ones who are now dead. For so, the feature is still under development because
developers are looking for a stable release for it

Initially, the company showcased this new feature at their annual MARS conference, showing a video in
which a child asks Alexa to read a bedtime story in the voice of his dead grandmother. Certainly,
Amazon’s Head Scientist Rohit Prasad Self demonstrated the whole feature of a child’s wish to
memorize his Grandmother’s voice.

However, Artificial Intelligence could not fulfil the deficiency of loved ones who left the world. But it can
always rememorize us with their voice and we can experience the real conversation with the dead loved
ones. Interestingly, many short films also use mimicry features to make stories about any person who is
now dead.

Overall, It is the best way to always make your dead loved ones alive in your heart. Whether it is a
mimicry that is much more accurate to the real person. So, we can say that Alexa’s Mimic feature is
much more connected even after the pandemic is more important uses.